Minnesota Twins Could Receive Financial Lifeline Soon via New TV Deal

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Entering the offseason there was a belief that the Minnesota Twins would be extremely limited with their spending in the months ahead, however, a recent report offers some hope that they could receive an important influx of new funds soon.

Earlier this year, when Diamond Sports Group — the parent company of Bally Sports — filed for bankruptcy it threw the future of many sports franchise’s television rights into limbo.

One of those teams was the Minnesota Twins and the lack of a major TV partner heading into 2024 meant the organization was expected to lose a huge amount of revenue for next season.

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The contract Minnesota had with Bally Sports reportedly put $54 million in the Twins cophers for 2023. Without that money, the organization would be unable to improve on a roster that won the American League Central this season. However, that unfortunate financial situation could change soon.

Minnesota Twins in talks with Bally Sports for 2024 season

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Late last week, the Star Tribune reported that Bally Sports North and the Twins have been negotiating over broadcast rights for the 2024 season, keeping their long-standing relationship together for at least one more summer.

Bally Sports’ parent company has a “strong and sincere interest” in renewing their ties for one more season, according to the Strib’s sources. The Twins organization and BSN were negotiating on a deal as recently as last week and rumor has it an offer was made by Bally.

Bally Sports North and Diamond Sports Group have expressed “strong and sincere interest” in renewing their ties for one more year, according to two sources with knowledge of the talks. Discussions took place this past week, though neither source would confirm published reports that the network made a formal offer, nor reveal the funding being proposed.

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A new deal is far from assured, however. Bally’s offer to the Twins is expected to be substantially lower than the $54 million they were contracted to pay for the same job just one summer ago, due to the dire financial situation of its parent company.

The Minnesota Twins must make a decision soon, with Spring Training only seven weeks away. Fans need to know where they can watch the team next season, and I’m sure the front office would be better suited for the rest of this offseason if ownership can get a firm number on how much payroll they plan to shed from their $154 million total this past season.

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