Timberwolves Reportedly Want LaMelo Ball; He Claims They Haven’t Talked to Him

Photo: Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images

Earlier today, it was reported by Bleacher Report, that the Minnesota Timberwolves were locking in on LaMelo Ball, with the #1 overall pick in the upcoming November draft. The BR piece is riddled with a “we don’t really want to make this draft pick at all” undertone, but that’s not a surprise if you hang out here often.

If the Wolves are indeed targeting Ball, then it seems to be news to him. LaMelo did a Zoom call with NBA reporters on Monday and said Minnesota is yet to contact him at all.

Rosas Smoke Screens

Look, the Minnesota Timberwolves are going to trade their #1 pick. They are happy to have it, because of the opportunities it brings, but Rosas wants nothing to do with actually using it to draft another young talent. This isn’t a secret.

While Ball’s Zoom interview was really poorly timed and made the Timberwolves look a bit stupid on Twitter today, this really isn’t anything to be upset about. According to Darren Wolfson of SKOR North and KSTP, the Wolves front office just hasn’t gotten around to calling Ball yet, but obviously plan to.

Of course the Wolves are going to talk to LaMelo before the draft comes around. But, if they were REALLY that serious about narrowing their choice down to Ball, they would have obviously talked to him before leaking their “plans” to the press.

Gathering Assets

LaMelo Ball seems to be the best option at #1, if for nothing more than perceived value. Ball is the best “asset” in this draft. He seems like the guy whose value would stand-pat or increase the most, even after he’s drafted.

The official NBA Draft date has been set for November 13 and I’d expect trade talks and rumors to heat up, right about now. That makes this “leak” to Bleacher Report even better-timed, if not for the Ball interview taking place almost simultaneously.

Grab your popcorn. The next two months should be the most fun Minnesota Timberwolves fans have had, since the days that surrounded the D’Angelo Russell trade.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan