Minnesota Sports Fan Daily: Wednesday, September 6, 2017

MSF Daily: 9/6/2017

Twins @ Rays in Game 2 of 3

NOTHING HAPPENED in this game. For a long time anyway.

Sure, the Rays got a couple runs off of Bartolo but he pitched a VERY solid night going 6.2 innings and surrendering just the 2 runs on 5 hits.

The Twins couldn’t get a hit vs something named Jake Odorizzi who has a 4.58 ERA on the season. He had them no-hit through 6.

But then… the 9th inning came and the Twins realized they are in a playoff race. Just as I wrote the open to this comeback, Rosario hit into a double-play to end the game. F***. Here is how that 9th went. Sorry for ruining it.

So, Robbie hit this home run and killed some sting rays.

Then, the Twins were able to get runners on 1st and 3rd to bring up Eddie Rosario. He ended it with that double-play.

This is bullshit. The Twins are shitting the bed on us right now. They have the whole f****** state watching, finally, and they have lost their last 3. They are now tied with the Angels for that last WC spot. I don’t even know if they play still tonight. I’m sure they do but I don’t even care.

The Twins better get their shit together. They have now lost 3 straight with their best 3 pitchers on the mound. Now they will trot out rookie, Aaron Slegers to finish the series @ TB, followed by Kyle Gibson to start the next series @ Kansas City.

My feelings immediately following the double play. I throw 4-year-old temper tantrums.

Get to know Jimmy Butler with VICE Sports:

VICE Sports spent a bunch of time with Jimmy Butler, recently, and wrote a great article about his dedication, and history, and just about everything else. It is INCREDIBLY long. I thought the boss was going to charge me my lunch break for reading it, but it was well worth it (And I still got my lunch. It’s a millennial world).

Hurricane Irma Weighs Heavily on Country; Minnesota Twins Included:

Hurricane Irma is going to affect millions of people around the United States, not to mention who it has and will affect in other countries. The Twins’ organization is also feeling it.

LaVelle Neal III wrote a blog post about all the different ways it is the Twins are feeling Hurricane Irma.

Friends and family of current Twins

The Twins have many current players who are from the Caribbean, which is getting hit by Irma before it comes to Florida. LaVelle mentions Rosario, Vargas, and Berrios all watching the Irma coverage today and making sure family and friends were safe.

Minor League Postseason: FL State League cancels Championship Series

The Twins’ Class A-Fort Myers team, was set to play in the Championship series they have been playing all year for. But they won’t get the opportunity. It will end in a co-champion situation, with Irma looming.

Twins’ prospects

The Twins have one of the deepest Dominican Republic prospect pipeline in the MLB. With Irma on its way, the Twins are working hard to get their prospects out of the country and somewhere safe.

Everyone that will be, or already is affected by Irma will be in our thoughts.

Randball Looks at MLB Game-Time Problem; I Have a SOLUTION:

It’s funny that I ran into this tonight after just bitching about this in yesterday’s Twins’ recap. The biggest complaint about baseball right now is the length of the games. The rhythm isn’t there anymore.

BUT, there is an easy fix. If the baseball dinosaurs would get off their high-horse, they might see the light too. IT IS TIME FOR A PITCH CLOCK. Their isn’t a sport out their right now that could add one rule, that would improve said sport, as much as a pitch clock would baseball. It would revolutionize the game a lot like the shot clock did for the NBA.

Nobody wants to see teams play keep-away from each other on the basketball court, just like we don’t want to see a pitcher walking around the mound 47 times, then shake off the catcher 12 times, while stepping off 4 times because the batter gets impatient and has to call time. It is nonsense. The NBA has made two HUGE adjustments in it’s somewhat recent history. The shot clock and the three-point line. Both have made the NBA game better.

It is time for baseball to do the same thing…. finally.

MSF Daily by Eric Strack @RealMNSportsFan

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