MINNESOTA SPORTS FAN DAILY: Wednesday, September 4, 2017

MSF Daily: 10/4/17

Twins LOSE @ Yankees and Season Comes to End:

The bats of these two teams didn’t disappoint. If you are a big fan of well-pitched ball games, you may not have been impressed. Luis Severino didn’t even make it through the 1st.

But it wouldn’t last long. The Twins took advantage of a young Luis Severino in his first-ever playoff start. It was nice to be able to hand the ball to a veteran like Ervin Santana. Or so we thought…

Then, Buxton made this catch. It’s an amazing catch but it also looked like it hurt very badly. It did. Buxton would stay in the game but end up leaving after an inning more because of back soreness.

After giving up the home run in the 1st inning, Ervin was given a chance in the 2nd. He finished the inning but gave up another home run. This one was a solo HR at least…

Before Buxton came out of the game, he was able to drive in this run. Even with a bad back he was able to beat out a ball most couldn’t.

But the Yankees would AGAIN come back with more runs. Judge would take part in 2 of the 3. After this, it would be 7-4 Yankees’ lead.

It wouldn’t get any better than that so I am going to stop there.

It was a good season. We will have a season recap soon.

Sano Out vs Yankees:

This came as a bit of a surprise when it came out today. Sano was in the lineup for the last series and most expected him to be available off the bench in Tuesday’s Wildcard game. But, we found out today that he would not be.

To me, this is NOT good. To me, this means Sano is nowhere near where they want him to be. Of course, this is just me reading between the lines. I don’t have any insights on it. It just speaks volumes that the Twins don’t at least have him on the bench.

It won’t matter now. This will likely be fine by next season.

Croft is Back with Gopher Football:

Demry Croft will make his return to the Gopher sideline this weekend. It won’t be as the backup QB, but rather as the 3rd string. Here is PJ Fleck explaining the situation:

“When you can control the circumstances and you make that choice [to violate rules], now you’ve got to show why you should be where you were,” Fleck said.

It doesn’t look like Winfield will be back on the field this weekend. Fleck wants to play that situation safe. Winfield hurt the same hamstring in the preseason and Fleck doesn’t want to push the envelope. I don’t blame him. Winfield is a special player. Don’t risk his future.

“He’ll be back at some point. If he’s not, he’s not,” Fleck said. “But we’re going to make sure he’s healthy when he comes back.”

So yeah…. we will see…

U Basketball Sells out Student Season Tickets:

For the first time in 3 years, the Gopher Basketball Team has sold out its student-section season tickets. After such a big turnaround last year, expectations for this year are sky-high. The students are excited and so are we.

Lynx Win Tuesday – Play Game 5 @ The Barn on Wednesday:

Sorry Lynx Fans. I will do better. I hope to have someone to cover the Lynx for us next season. They won Monday night and I didn’t cover it in Tuesday’s Daily. I apologize.

The Lynx will come back to Minneapolis to play game 5. Last year, game 5 was at Target Center. This year, it is at The Barn.

MSF Daily by Eric Strack @RealMNSportsFan

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