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MSF Daily: 8/16/17


Twins LOSE to Indians in first game of big series:

The Twins came into the night 5 games behind Cleveland for 1st in the Central. They will go to sleep tonight, 6 games back. The Angels lost so they didn’t extend their lead in the Wild Card race. But there are 87 teams within 3 games of each other for the WC so I’m not sure the Angels’ result really matters.

The Twins started the game off on the right track. Buxton singled to center to score Rosario and they were up 1-0.

The lead would last until the 4th inning when Colon gave up a solo shot to Carlos Santana. Kipnis and Encarnacion would both homer in the 5th to make it 3-1.

Colon finished the 5th and was replaced by Alan Busenitz in the 6th. He should have given up a HR too but he has Byron Buxton in Center. However, Buddy Boshers would replace Busenitz with 2 outs in the inning. He would proceed to give up a 3-run HR to make it a 6-1 game game anyway.

It was pretty much over at that point. Cleveland scored 2 more.

Happy Birthday Tom Kelly:

TK turned 67 years old today

When will we see Glen Perkins?:

So, Glen Perkins has finished his rehab stint at AA-Chatanooga and is sitting in the dugout at tonight’s Twins game. He is hitting 88-91 MPH on the radar gun, with his fastball. When/will we see him on the bump for the Twins again? It seems like we will soon… but who knows. I went to our local beat writers for clarification:

So there you have it from Brandon Warne, who is the Twins beat writer for the Pioneer Press. However, the other side of the river has a beat writer too. Lavelle Neal doesn’t seem to be as sure. Here is a quote from his blog:

“Technically, Perkins’ rehab window closes on Aug. 21, so the Twins have a few days to figure out their next move with him. It is clear that the Twins would like to see Perkins face more hitters before activating him. Molitor pointed out that Perkins has thrown 7.1 innings during his rehab stint. which is less than a reliever would throw during spring training.

So they have to figure out how to proceed. Will Perkins throw live batting practice here or head to Rochester.”

Teddy Bridgewater practices without a knee brace:

So, Teddy likes to get us talking sometimes. Last night he had quite the tweet storm. I will let you look at that for yourself. @teddyb_h2o

However, today he was at practice and he wasn’t wearing a knee brace. Tom Pelissero said he was looking good and seemed very optimistic. Here is more.

Laquon Treadwell back at practice:

Laquon Treadwell talks about why he wasn’t any good last year. It is a little annoying. You can read about it yourself. It is the classic “I relied too much on my talent” “I wasn’t ready for the NFL” talk.

Now he supposedly knows “how to win” and didn’t last year. He says will be much better. I get so sick of this bullshit. You would think they would realize. Randy Moss came into this league and succeeded because he had the most talent but also studied the hardest. He and Carter would stay late after practice and late in the film room. Their aren’t too many people who know football better than Randy.

But here is another guy who thought he could rely on his talent…. even though he was coming off a knee injury and a half disappointing college career.

I will believe Treadwell is better when I see it. He will have 4 weeks to prove it before Floyd comes back, off his suspension. If he can stay healthy…

Gopher Basketball non-conference schedule released:

Miami is seen by many as a top-10 team

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