MINNESOTA SPORTS FAN DAILY: Thursday, October 12, 2017

MSF Daily: 10/12/17

Wiggins Finally Signs Extension with Timberwolves:

Finally, it is official. There really wasn’t any doubt but the longer he waited, the more nervous a gun-shy Minnesota fan base was getting.

Wiggins always said it wasn’t going to be a problem but also continued to state that he wasn’t in any hurry to get the deal done. Now that it is done, Glen Taylor and Andrew Wiggins made these statements: –READ MORE–

Wild Trying to Get Right vs Chicago Without Parise and Granlund:

If you had to pick 5 players on the Wild that you would NOT want to be hurt for the first part of the season, Zach Parise and Mikael Granlund would be on many of your lists. Tomorrow, the Wild will be playing in Chicago without those two. It looks like they might also be without a 12 forward.

Boudreau isn’t happy about it but knows that sometimes, things are out of your control.

“In all honesty … I come to work every morning, and whoever’s here is here,” Boudreau said. “Everything is a challenge. In a perfect world, would you like 12 [forwards] and six [defensemen]? Yeah, but I think this is a great challenge, and I don’t think it will happen all year long. Time will tell, but usually things work their way out.”

We will see how all of this will work in Chicago on Thursday…

Vikings Hit Practice Field Without Sammy Sleeves:

This isn’t a surprise. Case Keenum is the quarterback of this football team for the foreseeable future. And with Teddy Bridgewater close to being cleared for practice, who knows where this lands. It will be interesting to watch though.

There is all sorts of ideas being thrown around Twitter. Even our very own Zak weighed in, Usually Zak sticks to hockey but people seemed to like this idea.

Sam wasn’t the only one not practicing on Wednesday. It was a lengthy list.

Gophers Could Really Use Brennon Armstrong Right Now… Next Year Will Do.

ANDY GREDER of the Pioneer Press wrote a great piece on incoming Gopher Football commit, (QB) Brennan Armstrong.

He will likely compete for the starting spot right away his Freshman season. He is graduating high school early, in December, so he can start his college life in January. That way he will be able to get used to the college life before he is trying to lead a Big Ten team through a football season.

Shelby has quite the video of its games, which is nice. This video is from September. Armstrong was suspended from play for the first 3 games this year because of what sounds like being caught at a party, where there was alcohol. Nobody around Armstrong is worried about his character. It doesn’t sound like he was drinking wherever he was busted. Wrong place, wrong time it sounds like.

From watching this, it is clear we can expect Armstrong to do a lot of running. It will be heavy read-option offense, if he is the QB. It would be nice to see the Gopher quarterback keep the ball on an option, after seeing Rhoda hand it off every time this year.

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