MINNESOTA SPORTS FAN DAILY: Thursday, August 24, 2017

MSF Daily: 8/24/17

Twins LOSE @ White Sox in Game 4 of 5

Ervin Santana took the mound tonight for the Twins as they tried to continue there hot streak, in the south side of Chicago.

The White Sox were the first to hit the board, in the 3rd inning, on one of the uglier defensive plays of the Twins’ season:

But, beyond that, Santana looked pretty dominant early. He struck out 6 in the first 3 innings.

It didn’t take the Twins long to get that run back. In the 4th, who else? Jorge Polanco of course:

Santana buckled down as the game went on. The Twins started to put dents in James Shields’ armor as the game went on, however. In the 6th, with 1 out, Brian Dozier got the rally started with a walk. After a Joe Mauer hit, their were runners on 1st and 3rd for Jorge Polanco. He would deliver again. This time with a flare single to left field. A wild pitch would score Mauer, and the Twins went to the bottom of the 6th with a 3-1 lead for Ervin Santana.

Castro was pulled after the Twins’ rally for concussion-like symptoms and replaced by Chris Gimenez.

Santana was able to get one out before giving up a solo shot to Garcia, and it was 3-2 Twins lead before the 6th inning was over.

Then, in the 8th, Moncada doubled another Garcia in off Taylor Rodgers, who started the inning (I’m pretty sure there are multiple Garcia’s in their lineup).

The game went to the 9th tied 3-3. The Twins didn’t score in the top of the inning. Hildenberger came in to pitch the bottom. One of the Garcia’s got the best of him too.

So the Twins go into the last of a 5-game series on Thursday, up 2-2 and hoping to take 3. Really, they need to make sure they leave this series with a victory. This is a bad team they are playing in Chicago and they need to take advantage of their bad schedule.

It will be Berrios vs. Holland. If Berrios pitches like he did last time out, it should be a breeze. See you at 7:10.

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John Curtiss is the latest reliever to be called up by the Twins:

John Curtiss is a hard throwing right-hander who has dominated his competition this season. Here is Aaron Gleeman:

Nick Swardson, rocking his Vikings gear, and hanging with Olivia Munn: 

So Josh Duhamel (Minot, ND, and big Vikings fan) is directing a movie that features Nick Swardson (Minnesotan, and big Vikings fan). The movie is called “Buddy Games“. It will also feature well known actors like Kevin Dillon, Dax Shepard, AND Olivia Munn. (Thanks Wikipedia and Deadline)

You may remember that Olivia dated Packer QB, Aaron Rodgers. Eventually, she got sick of the disgusting smell of Wisconsin, got smart, and moved on. Now she is chilling with Minnesota boys. As you can see, she is much happier:

Tracy Claeys Speaks out in StarTribune Editorial:

A University of Minnesota Special Oversight Committee released a report last week on the handling of the Gopher Football team Sexual Assault Case last season that snowballed into a boycotted bowl game that was never boycotted.

Tracy Claeys felt like he had to come out and speak his mind after seeing it.

There were some interesting takes by Claeys:

“a review released last week questioned my leadership, and that of my coaches, concerning the suspensions of U of M football players last fall and the decision by players to boycott the Holiday Bowl (“Review finds U followed law in football suspension case,” August 17).”

“In light of this new report, are there things I would have done differently? Certainly. First and foremost, I would have remained on campus with my team and coaches rather than attend a Holiday Bowl news conference in San Diego. I’m confident that my presence would have better directed the conversation with our players and that I could have steered them toward something other than a decision to boycott the game.”

“In the months that have passed since the Holiday Bowl and my dismissal as the University of Minnesota football coach, I’ve thought a lot about last season and what might help to move us forward. At the end of the day it is this: Be truthful, hold yourself and others accountable, be mindful of the feelings of others and respect their right to express them.”


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