MINNESOTA SPORTS FAN DAILY: Monday, September 18, 2017

MSF Daily: 9/18/17

Vikings Outmatched @ Steelers Without Bradford:

At 10:30 Sunday morning, it was released that Sam Bradford would not play in the game vs the Steelers at Noon.

Things didn’t get any better the rest of the day. The Vikings were uncharacteristically sloppy. They finished the game with 11 penalties for 131 yards.

Case Keenum was bad and the offensive line didn’t help. Dalvin Cook averaged 5.33 yards/carry but only got 12 carries because they were down the whole game.

The defense didn’t help either. There were multiple times where they had the Steelers’ offense stopped but screwed it up with penalties. Trae Waynes was burned multiple times. The Vikings really need Tramaine Brock to come back and play well.

Xavier Rhodes was good against Antonio Brown but you can only contain that guy. The crossing routes killed the Vikings whenever they would drop back in a zone, and they couldn’t keep Rhodes shadowing Brown.

But the biggest story was obviously the absence of Sam Bradford. There were a lot of people out there who have ripped Bradford since he became a Viking. Those voices have been much softer over the last week, of course, but the voices were very loud right before that. Some have begged for Teddy to come back to replace the often-stiff Sam Bradford.

I hope those people now realize their insanity. Sam Bradford took this same team last week and ripped apart the New Orleans’ defense. Yeah, yeah, the Steelers’ defense is better. I know. But come on. You watched the game right? Both games?

Sam Bradford is a really good quarterback. The Vikings need him back next week. This team will not win without good quarterback play. This isn’t 2008. So all of you Sam Bradford Haters can shut your mouths and open your arms for Sammy Sleeves to come back into our lives.

Oh yeah, the final score was 26-9, Steelers.

Here are some of the few highlights the Vikings had:

Next week the Vikings will take on the Bucs back in Minneapolis, at noon on Sunday. We REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hope Sam will be on the field.

Mauer Slams Twins to Victory Over Jays in Game 4 of 4:

You look at the end score of this game and you probably think the Twins had this game in hand throughout the day. However, in the first inning and a half, that was not the case.

Heading into the bottom of the 2nd, the Twins were already down 5-0 and the debbie-downers were calling for the season to end. But the Twins weren’t ready for that. Just like they have all season long, the they battled back. It didn’t take long to get the lead back. Well, it took the bottom of the 2nd..

Those are all the highlight videos I can find on the 2nd inning but it definitely isn’t all the runs.

Dozier singled in Escobar after that to make it 5-3. Then the Blue Jays started screwing things up and committed an error that scored 2 more. Polanco grounded into a fielder’s choice that scored Dozier. It was 6-5 by then and the Twins wouldn’t give up the lead again. But Buxton wasn’t done yet. After homering earlier in the inning, he doubled to score Polanco….. that would finally be the last run of the inning  and when all the dust settled..

7-5 Twins After 2

The Blue Jays would get 2 more in the 7th but let’s be real, this was all Twins. It even included a Joe Mauer GRAND SLAM. That is NOT a typo. He even pulled it…

FINAL: Twins WIN 13-7

Now, the Twins go to Yankee Town Monday night. It will be on MLBTV. This is a HUGE game and a HUGE series. The Wild Card Standings are hot. I really want to try and catch the Yankees for that 1st spot, where the play-in game would take place at Target Field. However, the Yankees have done nothing but kill the Twins in big spots throughout the years. I will have NO fingernails left after this series. (MLB.com)

Lynx Are Going to The Finals Again:

The Lynx are REALLY REALLY good again. Hopefully they can bring it home this year!

Teddy Bridgewater Back Mid-Season?:

Just before word came, this morning, that Sam Bradford would not be playing in the game vs the Steelers, a VERY interesting report came from Ian Rapaport:

We will be waiting to hear more about what will happen next with Teddy. Will is contract toll to next season since he won’t be able to hit the field until AFTER Week 6 OR is there something the rest of us are missing? Could he file some sort of injunction against the NFL for the toll rule and how it will be applied in his case? We will wait with our popcorn to find out…

MSF Daily by Eric Strack @RealMNSportsFan

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