MINNESOTA SPORTS FAN DAILY: Monday, September 11, 2017

MSF Daily: 9/11/17

Twins LOSE and Split Series with Royals:

It was an ugly game on Sunday for the Twins. Really ugly.

Bartolo Colon didn’t even make it out of the 2nd inning and we were reminded just how ugly things can get when Colon isn’t hitting his spots. Balls that float over, under 90 mph, get rocked in the MLB. That is what happened Sunday.

The Twins have the day off on Monday before heading back home to start a 3-game set against the San Diego Padres.

The Angels won Sunday and trail the Twins by just 1-game for that 2nd WC spot in the American League.


Vikings vs Saints on Monday Night Football; ESPN – 6:10 PM:

We are finally almost there……….

The next MSF Daily that will go up will have a recap of a game we have actually watched instead of a future enigma that we are obsessed with speculating about. I have some quick takes as we enter Monday.

  • I’m not worried about Adrian Peterson. The media have put so much hype on this part of the game it makes me want to puke. Adrian Peterson is going to be a non-factor. The guy is 67 in running back years and is sharing the backfield with 2 other guys. If the Saints get behind early, it will literally hurt their team to have him on the field. In a game where the Vikings have to worry about Drew Brees, and one of the most explosive passing game in the league every year, I doubt Zimmer and friends are that worried about an aging running back who has been hurt more than he has played in the last 3 years and really didn’t look good last year in the games where he saw the field.
  • I am worried about our offensive line. This season is pretty simple, the way I see it. If the offensive line is good, the Vikings will be good. The same holds true for this game. The Vikings are the superior team. They have a better defense, better running backs, and better wide receivers. If the offensive line can open holes for Cook and give Sam 5-10 seconds, it will be a good night for the Vikings.
  • How good will the secondary be? Things have been shaken up some in the Vikings’ secondary and it is a little questionable on who will get what playing time. I will be watching for how that unfolds. Rhodes and Smith should be solid as always. I expect Newman to be the same reliable rock he has been but his age could be a factor as the season goes on. Sendejo didn’t even have to battle for his spot in training camp. Is he ready to take over as the bona fide SS next to Harrison? And where do Waynes, Alexander, and newly acquired Tramaine Brock fit into the scheme?

These questions will be answered on Monday Night. Sunday showed us again, across the NFL, that the preseason can be forgotten when the regular season starts. Vikings fans hope that is what we are thinking after the game on Monday.

Lynx Will Play Mystics in Semi-Finals:

The WNBA has an interesting setup for its postseason. The Lynx have had about 10 days off now, after receiving a series of byes and an automatic berth in the semi’s, for being the top team in the WNBA. They now know who they will face off against.

University of Mankato Kicker Bombs 63-Yard Field Goal:

Take a look at this shit. This is Casey Bednarski, kicker for the University of Mankato.  The NFL record is 64 yards in Denver where the ball travels farther due to altitude.

MSF Daily by Eric Strack @RealMNSportsFan

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