MINNESOTA SPORTS FAN DAILY: Monday, October 9, 2017

MSF Daily: 10/9/17

Sam Bradford Likely to Start on Monday Night Football @ Bears:

Everyone knows that the Vikings have struggled recently @ Soldier Field vs. the Chicago Bears. Monday night’s matchup will need to have a different outcome if the Vikings are going to have a successful 2017 season. The Vikings are 2-2, on the season, going into Monday’s matchup. Green Bay won on Sunday afternoon, putting them atop the NFC North at a commanding 4-1. The Lions lost so they have dropped to 3-2.

With a win Monday night, the Vikings would welcome Green Bay to the home of the 2018 Super Bowl, next Sunday, with the NFC North lead on the line. With a loss, the Vikings would have dropped 2 straight, with a 2-3 record, and the Packers coming to town with a ton of confidence, looking to step on the throat of a struggling Vikings squad.

Having Sammy Sleeves back….. READ MORE..

Timberwolves Lose Big to Golden State in 2nd and Final China Preseason Game:

I got up for this game at 6 AM CT on Sunday morning and the start was worth it. The Wolves were moving the ball like they had been together as a team for years. They scored 44 points in the 1st quarter. However, Golden State got hot and the Wolves got cold.

They ended up losing 142-110.

Here are some highlights:

Fleck Wants All the Blame, Scoggins Wants to Give it to Everyone… It Belongs to Rhoda:

I wrote an article about this yesterday, right after the game. I was typing in a mad rage, to be honest. But, with that being said, I feel the same way now. Chip Scoggins, from the Star Tribune, wants to give the blame to everyone, which you could make an argument for. Fleck wants all the blame on him, which any good college football coach would. However, we all know where the blame should land.

It should land on Conor Rhoda. Look, it isn’t Rhoda’s fault and I have nothing against the kid but he just isn’t a Big Ten QB. He threw the pick-6 that ended the game Saturday, fumbled again inside the redzone, and couldn’t get the ball in the end zone after 4 turnovers from the defense in the first half.

Fleck is standing firm with his mistrust of Demry Croft, after whatever he did to piss him off. I’m fine with that. Seth Greene obviously isn’t the QB we had hoped when he came on because we haven’t heard anyone talk about handing the ball and the offense to him. Fleck better figure something out. Because Rhoda isn’t working.

Twins Notes: Still No Molitor Deal, Pitching Will Come at a Price (Michael Rand):

There isn’t much happening outside of the Vikings on Monday so I was scrambling for a 4th topic. Here are some quick notes on the Twins. We still haven’t seen a Molitor deal.

Michael Rand just dropped this a few minutes ago and it looks interesting. Pitching could come at a cost.

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