MINNESOTA SPORTS FAN DAILY: Friday, October 6, 2017

MSF Daily: 10/6/17

Minnesota Wild  Season Opener @ Detroit:

I wasn’t sure if I was watching the new 2017 Minnesota Wild or if I was time-warped back to 2016 to watch the same team that took the ice in the 2016 playoffs…

Remember the problem last year? Lots of shots… Not many goals…

The Wild put up 39 shots compared to Detroit’s 32 but the Red Wings scored 4 goals and the Wild scored just 2. And a couple of the goals Dubnyk let it in were not good goals to let through. Hopefully they can rebound.

Molitor Back as Twins’ Manager:

It looks like the Twins are going to keep Paul Molitor around, which is a good idea. He has helped these players grow and pulling the plug now would send the wrong message and set this team back.

Keeping Molitor didn’t surprise me and neither would letting him go. Now, it is also being reported that Molitor will retain his entire staff. That does surprise me a bit. Either the chirping we heard about changes coming were wrong or Falvey and Levine had a change of heart in the last few weeks of the year.

Lynx Celebrating 4th WNBA Title:

Bradford Back at Practice but Still Hobbling:

Sam Bradford was back at practice Thursday, but after seeing these videos, I expect we will see Keenum again. It is good to see him at practice but he clearly doesn’t look anywhere near 100%. I am starting to wonder whether we are going to see Sam or Teddy back first…

Crazy to think that all these knee issues, with Sam, came after the best game we’ve watched him play in a Vikings’ jersey… with no signs of a knee injury…

Timberwolves Beat Golden State in China at 1 AM Thursday Morning:

So the Minnesota Timberwolves played VERY early on Thursday morning. They beat the Warriors but it’s the preseason so that doesn’t really matter.

It was in China. Here are some highlights.

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