MINNESOTA SPORTS FAN DAILY – Friday, July 28, 2017

MSF Daily – 7/28/2017


Teddy Bridgewater Spoke to Reporters Today:

Teddy looks better every time you see him. He had his usual smile on today as he answered questions from media outlets. He is an impressive human being.


The Twins make a sneaky trade:

In pretty sneaky fashion, late this afternoon, the Twins traded away (C) John Ryan Murphy. If you remember, they got him in exchange for (CF) Aaron Hicks a few years ago. He was going to be given every chance to be our next starting catcher. Chances weren’t what he needed. He struggled and was never a part of the new regime’s plan. I was surprised when this Baseball America article told me we got the hottest relief pitcher in the minor leagues for him…

Here are some thoughts on the front office about what we can expect from them at the deadline: Derek Falvey: Trade deadline a ‘fluid situation’ for Twins

And Randball getting in on the action too: Multiple reports suggest Twins could still trade Santana, other top players

Kyrie Irving wants to go to NY and won’t take calls from the Cavs:

So fewer and fewer people are seeing Irving in Cleveland, next year, as relations continue to sour. Reports from sources around the NBA today was that Cleveland can’t even get Kyrie to answer their phone calls.

According to Pablo Torre Kyrie wants to be nowhere but home:

And my thoughts…

We are tracking everything on the Kyrie Situation here.


Will Molitor Stay or Go…:

This just popped up on the StarTribune. It looks like Phil Miller and Levelle Neal were able to tag team story on whether Molitor will be back next year. If Pohlad had the decision again you know what he would do after reading this

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