Minnesota Phenom, Eli King Now Holds Offers From Both Fleck and Pitino

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Eli King is the latest FREAK athlete to blossom out of Minnesota. He hails from Caledonia’s 2022 class. As a 6-foot/3-inch Sophomore, he‘s starting to grab the attention of major college football and basketball programs around the country. Eli plays PG in basketball and WR in football. He runs faster, moves quicker and jumps higher than everyone else in both sports.

King picked up an offer from Richard Pitino today and has now been offered by the coaches of both sports at the University of Minnesota.

The “Caledonia Kid” (Patent Pending)

According to 247Sports.com, PJ Fleck offered him a football scholarship on April 7, along with all D1 programs in Iowa. Notre Dame would follow a month later and he’s also collected one from SEC’s Missouri, since.

The “Caledonia Kid” (if nobody has given him that nickname, make sure you give me credit) has also received basketball offers from Iowa and Stanford. This is only the beginning, as long as he decides to keep his options open.

You shouldn’t have to read anything more from me. All of those tweeters above know a hell of a lot more about high school recruits than I do. Dual-sport athletes don’t get much higher praise around these parts, than Jalen Suggs and Michael Floyd.

Could Eli finally be the hometown recruit that we’ve been waiting for? The one who finally stays home…? If this kid signed a letter of intent to play at the University of Minnesota in either sport, he’d immediately become the most popular person on campus. Is that something he would embrace or would he look for an opportunity to start fresh with out-of-town expectations at a blue-blood school?

Even if he is interested in being the hometown hero, can either Gopher coaches land him? These are all questions that remain to be answered. Both Fleck and Pitino got their offers out in timely manners, which is a good start.

If we hear anything else about his interest in staying home, we’ll let you know. Until then, enjoy these Eli King highlight reels from both basketball and football.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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