Minnesota Myth Cease AFL Operations; Players Still Waiting for Paychecks

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The Arena Football League announced its return in February 2023, after going under in 2019. With football fans never seeming to cease in numbers around market, the Minnesota Myth were included in the launch. Even better, legendary Gopher quarterback Rickey Foggie was tagged as the Myth’s head coach.

Minnesota Myth Mired in Debacle

But just over one year later, Foggie has resigned and players are yet to be paid. In other words, a “failure to launch” would be the more appropriate term to use. Though, we gotta give them credit, “Myth” wound up being an incredibly depictive nickname for the franchise.

After needing to cancel their upcoming game against the Albany Firebirds due to an inability to travel, the franchise is now done just two games into the season. Set to play at the Target Center, the Myth’s official account on X hasn’t posted since April 6, and an email went out Monday morning to confirm the end of the season.

It sounds as though the Huttons have been struggling to operate in a respectable manner since the get go. Meals for players have been poorly taken care of, and coaches have covered thousands on their own dime hoping to keep the team intact.

Owners Diana and Lee Hutton III have faced strong criticism in dealing with setbacks. The former acts as the Myth’s president while the latter is a former Minnesota Gopher and current Minneapolis attorney.

Scheduled to host their first game at the Target Center on Saturday, the contest was moved to Albany with the Minnesota Timberwolves playing host to the Denver Nuggets on Sunday. Apparently, the Myth couldn’t make the trip to New York and the game was canceled.

Initially revived with 16 teams as part of the sport, only eight remain going into Week 3, and the Myth are now officially done going forward. The Hutton’s inexcusable handling of their own franchise has been just part of the complete debacle that the league has seen since trying to restart the excitement.

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