Mike Zimmer Won’t Rule Out Kubiak’s Return; Maalouf Out as STC

On Monday, it became common knowledge around town that offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak would be retiring from football. Today however, Minnesota Vikings head coach, Mike Zimmer, threw a bucket of cold water on that supposed certainty.

While we were searching for an OC who would hopefully lead this Vikings offense into the future, Mike Zimmer wasn’t ready to count his old friend, Gary Kubiak.

So if you were hoping for a quick resolution at OC, it’s not happening. Many of the great coordinator options will be swiped up while we wait, too…

Change isn’t Zimmer’s game

With or without Gary Kubiak, Zim clearly isn’t in a rush to shake things up on offense. If Zim was looking to hire one of the hot up-and-coming young offensive minds around the league, he wouldn’t be so willing to wait for his old friend.

Zimmer’s morning presser tells a pretty clear story. If Gary isn’t coordinating this offense in 2021, it’ll probably be his son Klint. Dennison could get the job too, but it’s likely to be someone in-house.

Goodbye Marwan Maalouf

In other coordinator news, Marwan Maalouf’s contract will expire in the coming days as Special Teams coordinator, and the Minnesota Vikings will not renew it. The Vikings’ special teams has been absolutely atrocious since he took over.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan