Mike Zimmer Says Dalvin Cook Feels Good; Doesn’t Rule Him Out vs Falcons

Mike Zimmer just got off his Wednesday zoom press conference with Vikings media and he blew up some narratives on Dalvin Cook, while there. Cook injured his groin in a non-contact manner, to start the second half on Sunday night. Since, there have been reports floating that have Cook all but pronounced dead for this week’s matchup vs the Atlanta Falcons.

Admittedly, I wrote a blog on Tuesday stanning for Cook’s dismissal from Sunday’s lineup. My reasoning: Atlanta is a bad team and Cook shouldn’t play if his groin isn’t 100%. The Vikings follow the Atlanta game with a bye in week 7, which would give Cook 3 weeks to heal before suiting up in week 8 vs the Packers (Nov. 1).

This team needs a healthy Cook in the lineup, if they are to make any type of miracle playoff run and if they can’t beat the Falcons without him, then it’s time to tank 2020 anyway. But Zim had a big bucket of cold water for all of those narratives this morning.

Time Will Tell

What this actually means for Dalvin Cook’s status on Sunday, we don’t really know. This could just be Zimmer looking to gain any competitive edge he can find. Atlanta having to account for Minnesota’s best offensive weapon, instead of assuming he’ll be out, could make a difference.

It’s also possible Zimmer is being truthful and we, as fans and media, just want to deep-dive every utterance by an NFL head coach, even if it means nothing of significance. Maybe Dalvin is feeling good this morning but how he feels later in the day (when the injury report comes out) matters most.

I hope Mike is telling us the truth and I hope Dalvin Cook is feeling “good”. Stranger things have happened and minor soft muscle pulls can go a lot of different directions, so logically, it isn’t impossible that Cook could be ready.

But if Dalvin isn’t 100% then the Minnesota Vikings should play this thing cautiously. There’s just no reason to push the envelope. Not vs the Falcons.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan