Mike Zimmer on GMFB: “Kirk’s Our Guy”

PHOTO: JERRY HOLT • [email protected]

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer, and running back Dalvin Cook, hopped on the well-known “Good Morning Football” (NFL Network) this morning and hit on all sorts of subjects. Of course, most of us only cared about one question specifically. “Is Kirk Cousins your quarterback in 2021?”

Well, GMFB did ask about the Kirk Cousins trade rumors and Mike Zimmer did his best to extinguish any fires that might still be smoking. You can be the judge on how effective he was.

The stats say…

I mean, he’s right. Kirk Cousins was really good last year and Mike Zimmer’s once legendary defense was… not good. The Vikings ranked 29th (out of 32) in yards surrendered in 2020 but that was only the start of their defensive depression.

They also ranked 27th in Yards Per Play, 26th in QB Hurries, 28th in Sacks, and had the 4th most missed tackles. Gross.

Kirk Cousins, on the other hand, had a career year. Cousins ranked 8th in passing yards (4,265), 6th in TD’s (33), 5th in TD % (6.8), 9th in Completion % (67.6), 2nd in Yards per Attempt (8.3), 2nd in Yards per Completion (12.2) and 8th in QB Rating.

Without a doubt, Cousins was a top-10 QB in 2021 and that’s without the pass attempts as other top quarterbacks. Kirk’s 516 pass attempts ranked 15th in the NFL, last season.

Do you believe Zimmer?

Zim was pretty up-front about Kirk being “our guy” but he did make sure to praise Dalvin Cook before he got to the question surrounding Kirk Cousins’ status. I’m sure he meant no harm but it made me laugh.

These rumors might not die until Cousins’ trade window is closed on March 20.

Oh, and Dalvin Cook also said this about how he remains so hungry when he’s already so good.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan