Mike Zimmer Expects Sam Bradford to Play Again in 2017

More quotes coming out of Vikings Camp today.

This time, it was Mike Zimmer releasing the bombshell, when he told us about his thoughts on Sam Bradford coming back for the 2017 season. Just one day after Teddy Bridgewater told the media he expects to play again before the 2017 season is over, Mike Zimmer echoed the same sentiments for Teddy’s original replacement, Sam Bradford.

Not only that, but it looks like Anthony Barr made his way out of concussion protocol, which I am assuming means he is likely to be on the field, Sunday. Barr made some interesting comments about his hit on Aaron Rodgers, which is the first time I have seen him speak on the topic. The amount of Twitter mentions doesn’t surprise me from dirty, foul-mouthed Wisconsidiots.

It was quite the day of reporting for Chris Tomasson (Pioneer Press), who is becoming one of my favorites in the Twin Cities. Stefon Diggs isn’t commenting on his status for Sunday and Tomasson didn’t elaborate much on Diggs’ extent of participation in practice, but did mention him on the field. (Diggs’ status has been updated by the Vikings and he has been ruled out – See full injury report below) I’ll get to the news.

One day after Teddy Bridgewater said he expects to be back in 2017, Mike Zimmer says this about Bradford:

Tomasson then clarifies:

Here are the tweets on Barr:

I’m not taking Barr at his word here, if he is talking physically. Head injuries are no joke. I’m not doubting he feels good and I’m not saying he should be sitting, because everybody and every head injury is different. I just doubt he feels “better than ever”.

I don’t have much else to say on the Barr-Rodgers situation. It wasn’t a dirty hit. Rodgers is upset he got injured. Nobody points at when Rodgers released the ball. If you don’t want to get hit, throw the ball earlier, so there’s no choice but to call a penalty. Stop crying. Take responsibility for being stupid.

I can’t wait to see what happens at this QB situation. The Vikings could go from having a shortage of NFL starters, to a surplus. Could Teddy and Sam really come back at the same time. If both are healthy, who plays? Bradford right? But Zimmer loves Teddy and if the Vikings want to sign Teddy long-term, don’t they need to see him on the field?

Is this question even worth asking? Can Bradford stay on the field with this knee? After what I saw last time he hit the field, Bradford was a FAR cry from healthy. Can Bridgewater really come back from an injury that only he and a handful of others believed, no more than a few weeks ago, he could come back from before 2018…… or ever.

Where does all of this leave Case Keenum? I’ve always said that a backup in the NFL is the best gig you can get, especially if you can play well enough when needed. That means you get an NFL job where you make more money than most guys on the field, yet you get to hold a clipboard on the sideline for 4/5 of your career. Case Keenum has proven himself a more-than-worthy backup. Is he ready to grab his clipboard and baseball hat while watching the millions roll in, next year in free agency?

What a year to be a Minnesota Sports Fan.

Update: Vikings Injury Report from Vikings.com

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