Mike Evans is Delusional: “Rhodes Were Open for Me. Film Don’t Lie”

So, last night, the NFL put up a cool graphic of Xavier Rhodes on his shut-down performances in the early part of the NFL season. No big deal right? The guy has been phenomenal.

Well, there I was this morning. I got up a little earlier, which happens about 50% of the time these days. I was drinking a cup of coffee and reading the morning papers on my laptop. My daughter was eating breakfast when I got a notification from Bleacher Report on my phone. Here is what it led me to:

Now, I watched the entire game, watched all sorts of All-22 (and non-all-22) video breakdown, and wrote a recap with more video than any other recap on the internet. Mike Evans was right about one thing. The film doesn’t lie. But I think the Rhodes were much more closed than they were open.

So, being the curious human I am, I thought I would show him the film I saw and see which clip he thought the Rhodes were “open” on..

As you can see by the action on these tweets, I had a lot of people who were seeing the same thing I was. Mike Evans got blanketed by Rhodes all game. Rhodes is one of the top corners in the league and it is time everyone, including receivers like Mike Evans, recognize that.

The Vikings are up against Detroit this weekend and I don’t know if they will bother having Rhodes shadow anyone. Especially when their top guy is Golden Tate who plays a lot out of the slot and isn’t necessarily a “top receiver”.

I wouldn’t play Golden Tate in fantasy football this week, either way..

Eric Strack
Minnesota Sports Fan @RealMNSportsFan

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