Miguel Sano Pisses on Grand Slam (and Cleveland Souls) in 8th vs Indians, All But Securing AL Central

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Remember when Miguel Sano came off of the injured list earlier this season and was playing like shit (even though he didn’t have spring training so what the fuck do we expect)? Remember when everyone wanted to trade him for “whatever we can still get”? Remember how much better-off they thought we would be with some 5.46 ERA, bounce in-between the big leages and minors, “hopefully I can help us down the stretch a little bit” kind of bullpen pitcher???????

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I was on my way home from the Gopher game when this happened and the Twins broadcast had just finished saying that Sano was 0-7 against Goody (or whatever the fuck his name is) during his career and 0-6 this season with the bases loaded. I literally said it out loud (because tweeting and driving is illegal) “sounds like he’s due.”

Then….. BANG.

So then, the illegality of tweeting and driving went out the window because I’m an addict and the people needed an ALL-CAPS tweet in a moment this important. Sometimes, you have to think about what is really important. If anything, I deserve credit for risking my life to get that tweet out to the people. I guess, it’s just my civic duty. A public service.

This fucking guy…. nobody could have been better, to hit that HR. The Twins need Miguel Sano so much, if they are really going to be the sustainable franchise they are hoping to be. And, I don’t think we need to worry about the ice that is in his veins anymore after tonight.

How about this bullpen too? They took care of 18 innings tonight and only gave up 5 runs. That deserves a medal, in the least. The bullpen might have to be the best part of the Twins roster, if they are going to do any damage in the playoffs so seeing games like we did today………………………… gives a guy/gal hope?


Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

— I had a message for all of the Miguel Sano doubters after I parked my car…

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