Miguel Sano Homers Again Sunday as Charge Back Continues

PHOTO: Minnesota Twins - @Twins on Twitter
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Have you blinked or possibly looked the other way for just a few seconds, when it comes to the Miguel Sano (2019) comeback story? If so, you may have missed the rehab assignment he started just 4 games ago.. Remember all of the doubters? Miguel Sano doesn’t seem to be doubting himself.

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The chatter has been split on Mr. Miguel. While we’ve all seen and know the talent value, we’ve also seen a lot more of the injury riddled.. mixed with some ‘I don’t really give a fuck’ attitude.

Before the season though, that narrative seemed to change when he was spotted before and entering Spring Training in great shape… other than an injury that wouldn’t heal.

But, again Sano seems to be on a mission to prove he is the future of the Minnesota Twins. That he, next to Byron Buxton, is ready to take that next step into the spotlight of MLB stardom. He just dropped to 1 for 3 on the day but his stat line is still ridiculous, since returning just a few days ago.

Ok ok ok… slow down, Eric. See, I have to stop myself sometimes before I get too far out of hand. But with the way things have gone so far this season for the Twins, it would only fit the narrative for Sano to immediately insert himself into the big league lineup as another smash stick at the plate…

The World Series back in the Twin Cities is going to be so crazy.

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Eric Stack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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