Miguel Sano Cleared of Dominican Assault Accusations; Twins Expect Him to Report On Time

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Last week, a report dropped out of the Dominican Republic, involving Miguel Sano, that was disturbing on all sides. You can read the details of what happened HERE.

Dan Hayes (The Athletic) is now reporting, that the Minnesota Twins 1st Baseman has been cleared of all accusations, stemming from those events. In fact, he was never officially charged by his accusers and their pending charges have been dropped.

Immediate Denial from Sano

Sano denied all involvement and any accused misdoings, IMMEDIATELY. He even gave expeditious public statements and committed to a press conference, that he was likely talked out of. Miguel was adamant; the only victims involved in these tragic events, were his family members.

It was difficult for me to believe any of the accusations being made against Sano, right from the beginning. I’m glad it has been worked out so quickly, before his name could be dragged any deeper through the mud.

Sano is expected to arrive in Minneapolis on-time, for the shortened “training-camp” festivities at Target Field on July 1. Going forward, the Twins need to get Miguel Sano and his loved ones to Minnesota, permanently.

Everytime he goes back there, something bad happens. Remember, Miguel missed half of last season, NOT because of a freak accident where he cut his leg, but because of the lackluster treatment he received afterward.

For now though, it’s good news and future bombas for Miguel Sano.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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