Miguel Sano Accused of Kidnap and Assault of Man He Claims Raped His Young Brother

Minnesota Twins third baseman Miguel Sano (22) throws the ball to first for the out against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Target Field. Mandatory Credit: Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot happening with this story out of the Dominican Republic, involving Minnesota Twins 1st Baseman, Miguel Sano. Because it is so eye-popping, outlets are treading lightly. The accusations involve rape, assault and attempted hanging… Most of the information we have is still in spanish.

I’ve been digging into it for a couple hours and it’s been an interesting ride. I feel confident enough, to give you the facts (in english), as we know them now. What we know so far, is coming from this story out of the Dominican.

William Aish is the sports editor for El Nuevo Diario, the publisher for this story. Hector Gomez is a well-known MLB Insider, who is helping to translate William’s tweets.

Let’s Start From the Beginning (As we know it)

The story broke because of assault accusations made AGAINST Sano, first. That’s not where the story starts on either side, though, so I am going to start with Miguel’s accusation. That’s where everything (as we know it now) begins.

Miguel is alleging a man (Raudy Omar Sanchez) of raping his 8-year-old brother. He, his friends AND police officers went searching for Raudy and found him. Both parties seem to agree with this part, mostly.

What happened next, is where things get complicated. Raudy’s attorney claims Sano and his friends beat Raudy, when they found him. He also claims they were going to hang him, but didn’t. I’m including both the original quote in spanish, along with the Google Translation to english.

“Ellos acusaron al joven Raudy Omar Sánchez, porque supuestamente participó en una violación sexual en contra de un hermano del pelotero, cosa que negó ese día el afectado (que es menor)”, explica el abogado Ramos.

“Chino y Tintin lo agarran en su casa y lo llevan a donde Sanó, que estaba en el auto y le dio una paliza, que luego trató de ahorcarlo, pero gracias a Dios no lo mataron, porque el chofer, alias Billy le dijo a Sanó que lo llevaran a la fiscalía, que luego fue enviado a casa porque en ese entonces no había pruebas”, cuenta Ramos. “Luego la fiscal lo mandó al INACIF, que este en su informe indicó los daños en contra de Raudy, uno de ellos violación al cuello”.


“They accused the young Raudy Omar Sánchez, because he allegedly participated in a rape against a brother of the player, something that the affected person (who is a minor) denied that day,” explains lawyer Ramos.

“Chino and Tintin grab him at home and take him to Sanó, who was in the car and beat him up, who then tried to hang him, but thank God they didn’t kill him, because the driver, aka Billy told.

He was healed when they took him to the prosecution, which was later sent home because at the time there was no evidence, “says Ramos. “Then the prosecutor sent him to INACIF, which in its report indicated the damage against Raudy, one of them a neck violation.”


Sano Denies Any Wrong-Doing

Miguel Sano says those claims are completely false. He says he didn’t even leave the car, when the others did. He claims he is being extorted for $10 million pesos. Sano’s saving grace could be his mention of the police. If they were there and helped bring Raudy in, can they corroborate his side?

“Eso es falso, no secuestré ni di paliza a Raudy, quien violó a un hermano mío de ocho años. Raudy y un hermanastro mío han penetrado a mi hermano desde hace un tiempo”, aclaró Sanó.

“La policía y los tres amigos (Billy, Chino y Tintin) si buscaron a Raudy y a mi hermanastro (por ser menor se omite el nombre), pero yo me quedé en mi vehículo. El abogado Odalis Ramos y la familia de Raudy lo que buscan es dinero, ellos me pidieron 10 millones de pesos, pero le dije que no le iba a dar nada porque no he hecho nada”, explica Sanó. “Yo soy el afectado, ellos son dos abusadores que violaron mi hermanito”, expuso.

Aclaró que no fue a la cita de la fiscalía este martes porque le mandaron la notificación tarde.

“No fue que tenía síntoma de gripe, es que ellos me notificaron hoy tarde”, aclaró.


“That is false, I did not kidnap or beat up Raudy, who raped an eight-year-old brother of mine. Raudy and a stepbrother of mine have penetrated my brother for a while, ”said Sanó.

“The police and the three friends (Billy, Chino and Tintin) did search for Raudy and my stepbrother (the name is omitted as a minor), but I stayed in my vehicle. The lawyer Odalis Ramos and Raudy’s family are looking for money, they asked me for 10 million pesos, but I told him that I was not going to give him anything because I have done nothing, “Sanó explains. “I am the affected, they are two abusers who raped my little brother,” he said.

He clarified that he did not go to the prosecution’s appointment this Tuesday because the notification was sent to him late.

“It was not that I had a flu symptom, it was that they notified me late today,” he clarified.


Sano Press Conference Today?

In American court, this seems like a case that would be rather black and white. Both parties mention government officials being involved throughout. You’d think we would have noted injuries and records of what happened…. but things in the Dominican run a bit differently.

We will hopefully find out more today, from Miguel Sano himself. He says he will hold a press conference, to clear his name. Sano will also be suing his accusers for $30 million pesos. Wow.

“El señor Odalis Ramos me hizo daño con ese vídeo, por lo que yo lo voy a demandar por 30 millones por daños a mi imagen. Yo lo que soy es pelotero, no secuestrador, ni asesino, soy un profesional como él”, acota. “Mañana (miércoles) haré una rueda de prensa y voy a hablar y dar la cara, porque esas acusaciones contra mi con graves”, añade.


“Mr. Odalis Ramos hurt me with that video, so I am going to sue him for 30 million for damages to my image. What I am is a baseball player, not a kidnapper or a murderer, I am a professional like him, “he says. “Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will hold a press conference and I will speak and show my face, because those accusations against me are serious,” he adds.


There is no “light at the end of the tunnel” for this story. None of us want Miguel to be guilty of his allegations. If Sano’s story is the truthful one, then what happened to his younger brother, is absolutely tragic and disgusting.

It’s time to get Sano’s family moved to the United States for good, if he is cleared from all this. Lately, bad things happen when he goes back to the Dominican.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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