Marc-Andre Fleury Tries Tossing Ref Aside to Fight Jordan Binnington

The Minnesota Wild are in the middle of a shootout vs the St. Louis Blues and the 2nd period got a bit out of control, but in the best way. There were 5 goals scored and, even more of note, Marc-Andre Fleury and Jordan Binnington were one linesman away from throwing hands.

Fleury recently talked about his urge to get into the first goalie fight of his career. He showed a willingness to do it the other night and nearly tossed a ref to the side to make it happen on Wednesday.

And credit to Jordan Binnington, who immediately tossed his gloves and seemed ready to rumble once he saw Fleury on his doorstep. The loser of this interaction? The zebra who stopped this glorious hockey eclipse from taking place. Microphones caught everything MAF said during the exchange, making for a great video that was posted by the Wild social media account on Thursday.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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