Madison Bumgarner’s “Can’t Trade Me To” List DOESN’T Include Twins

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Alright, so nobody thought it would be this evident, this early… but it clearly is. After splitting the doubleheader yesterday and taking hold of the 4-game series 2-1, the Minnesota Twins hold the best record in baseball and are clearly a playoff team. Not only are they a playoff team, but with a lineup straight from a pitcher’s worst nightmares, they appear to be legit World Series contenders.

As good as their starting pitching has been (surprisingly), it’s a consensus among most fans (the smart ones) that the Twins are in need of one more bona fide #1 or #2 starting pitcher (plus some bullpen help but that’s for another article) to solidify their roster for a deep playoff run.

Well, welcome to San Francisco where nobody can afford taxes and people shit on the street… (wait, if we unite the people of SF and the people of Philly, we could fix this problem)… oh, and their baseball team is fucking horrible:

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— I found these tweets in this GENIUS McCovey Chronicles (SB Nation) Blog post

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So, Madison Bumgarner (4x All-Star, 3x WS Champ, WS MVP, NLCS MVP, 2x Silver Slugger..) wants out of that shit hole (literally) and I don’t even know the reason. As you can see in the last 2 screen scrolls, he has A LOT of reasons to want out of San Fran. With his trade request, he submitted a list of 8 teams to the Giants. Apparently, he has the right to veto any trade to teams on that list (again I haven’t looked into his contract on why he can do this because my kid is going to wake up any second, but I will when I have a moment).

Here is that list. Again, if traded to one of these teams, he would have the right to veto said trade:

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If you are a baseball fan then you will notice a couple things about this list. First, if you’re a Twins fan then you’ll notice that they are NOT on the list. So, if we struck a deal with the Giants, Bumgarner would have no say in the deal. But for those who know the league a bit outside of The Great State, then you also realize that the teams he did list are all contenders.

A team being listed doesn’t mean Bumgarner can’t or won’t be traded there. It just means that, if traded to one of those teams, he would have a say in the negotiations. I am going to do some investigating to see how that’s been used in the past, but I also have a couple of thoughts about what it may mean for his odds of landing here in MN.

You’d think it makes life easier for the Twins’ front office, to bring Bumgarner to Target Field for the rest of 2019. Whatever Madison would want to negotiate on his end would be null, since they aren’t on the veto list. He only has the rest of this year on his contract and he’s going to try and pitch well when on the mound, no matter how he gets there.

However, as stated before, his list was all top contenders. So, why did he leave the Twins off of it? 

  • Positive Spin: Maybe he wants to come here the most… Is there any possibility, in the entire ever-expanding universe full of possibilities, that Madison Bumgarner has the Twins on such a short list that he wants a chance to veto a trade anywhere else, in order to land here.. Hmmmmm…
  • Negative Spin: Maybe he left us off the list because he knows there is no chance that we make a real play for him… Obviously, Bumgarner’s agent has been on the phone and scouring for teams who may be interested in his massive client. Knowing that playoff teams are going to be the ones making plays, he would have contacted the Twins (since they have the best record in baseball). Madison wants a say in where he goes… so if there’s no chance that the Twins make a play, there’s no need to include them on the veto list. It would disgust me if he and his agent found this little of interest out of our camp..

Again, I’m going to do some more digging, after posting this, and will come back with answers when I find some. There are ZERO excuses for not being involved in talks for Madison Bumgarner. He is EXACTLY what the Twins need. He would be the type of signing that would shut all of the “Pohlad Pocket Invaders” up. It would tell everyone that this organization is serious about winning big when given the opportunity…

By some divine alien miracle, it’s past 8 AM and my 1.17 year-old (14 months) is still sleeping, so I am convinced that anything is possible.

Fuck, have you watched this Twins team play? Anything really is possible…

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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