LOL, Green Bay is Reportedly Hosting the 2022 NFL Draft…

In other news today (that definitely, absolutely, positively doesn’t show the corruption and behind-closed-door BJ contest between the NFL and Green Bay Packers organization), the 2022 NFL Draft is going to be hosted in the incestual waste plant state that shares our eastern border.


I just hope Roger Goodell isn’t too exhausted when he comes out for his press conference. Whatever night he had with the executives of Green Bay, that “convinced” him to pull the trigger on this, has to have him breathing heavily.

I am a little worried about the livelihood of those who will be visiting Wisconsin for the first time, that weekend. It’s very plausible their immune systems (especially young kids) will not be able to tolerate the air quality and pollution that infests that state.

I guess it’s better than giving them a super bowl… and they are stupid enough to think this is a big deal.

You don’t want to have all of those “owners” pissed off at future “owner” gatherings.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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