Let’s Get Serious: What Kind of Magic is Keeping Kevin Garnett’s Hood On?

On Sunday, Lebron James and his new Cleveland teammates blew-out the Boston Celtics. Just like when LBJ closed out the Wolves last week, the King did king things. Besides the ass-kicking, the main storyline surrounding the game was the retirement of Paul Pierce’s #34, in Boston.

Before we move on, a quick shout-out to Pierce:

Despite Pierce being dramatic over the whole Isaiah Thomas tribute video stealing his moment, as the youth should be saying, he’s a savage.

For me, Sunday afternoon primetime NBA games, like this one, are a natural transition from football. As for the majority of others, that’s not the case. If you found yourself bored as hell watching this game, hopefully the KG appearance helped.

Actually, with the game out of hand, the Big Ticket seemed to entertain even those outside of the 10K Lakes. No, no, no. He didn’t do an aggressive rant style interview for old times sake (that sounds euphoric). It was his attire that had the greatest Wolf of all time trending across social media:

What in the Sam Hill? How is he doing that? Or maybe I should ask: How the hell is his hood doing that? The first time I saw it, which was in the below video, I thought it was photoshopped:

And you thought his 2004 MVP season was impressive… Plenty of people have won NBA MVP. Outside of KG, this move might be unprecedented. How the hell does he pull this off? It doesn’t appear to be some David Blaine type of optical illusion. Double sided tape, maybe? Glue or velcro seem a little aggressive, but remember who we are talking about here. With Garnett, you never know.

As weird as it seemed, Sunday’s event was no freak accident.

If my glue or velcro logic are aggressive, check out this one:

However he pulls this move off, it comes off as magical. Kudos, KG.

Some quick thoughts on Danny Ainge:

The Celtics’ GM, and President of Basketball Operations, has been a wheeling and dealing wizard throughout his tenure in Bean Town. He stays on that Gordon Gekko shit.

Unfortunately for Paul Pierce, Ainge’s success with trading athletes and draft picks doesn’t translate to event planning. Whenever honoring a player, you approach it like High School Homecoming games. The opponent needs to be a cupcake.

Boston decided to retire Pierce’s jersey when Lebron James was in the arena. Dipshit move, Danny. I like the confidence, but you never disrespect the King. He’s already extra juiced up to face his former teamate, Kyrie Irving. Now, besides just watching him embarrass your current squad, you got to watch him punk some former Celtics as well:

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