Let’s Again Discuss How “Unathletic” Adam Thielen Is…

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Adam Thielen works hard and runs great routes. Those things are fact. But, Adam Thielen doesn’t have to “overcome” a lack of athleticism in order to be an elite football player. Honestly, unless you’re playing QB, the game of football just moves too fast to be elite without being a phenom athletically.

But, Adam Thielen is white so it’s difficult to lift the “unathletic hard-working white guy” stereotype that unathletic white guys like me help carry through the generations. Vikings fans have seen Adam run by and jump over defenders enough, that our eyes have adjusted but national guys like Brad are still catching up.

Adam Thielen has run 40-yd dashes in sub-4.5 seconds. Mockdraftable has it at 4.49 seconds. I found it as low as 4.46 seconds. But, it’s not just the straight-line speed. According to Mockdraftable, Thielen is in the 90th percentile for 3-cone time too, with his 6.77 seconds, but that’s supposedly not his fastest either. Thielen was never invited to the draft combine so we don’t have recorded times from there like most NFL players.

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Thielen is an NFL talent all the way around. People just missed him all the way up the ladder. It’s his hard work that makes him elite. But, it takes hard work for EVERY elite player. Otherwise, there’d be more of them.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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