Los Angeles Lakers Eyeing Timberwolves’ Top Assistant Micah Nori

Micah Nori, Timberwolves
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The Los Angeles Lakers are sitting at home, watching Micah Nori coach the Minnesota Timberwolves in the NBA Playoffs like the rest of the sports world. After winning the NBA’s inaugural In-Season Tournament, some hyped the Lakers as a true threat to win the NBA Finals, but the Denver Nuggets got in their way.

Despite the Lakers actually holding a lead for 75% of the series, Denver had no trouble dismantling Los Angeles in just five games. Now, they want to know Minnesota’s secret. How in the heck did Micah Nori get the Wolves to whoop the Nuggets in the first two games of the series, on the road, nonetheless?

The Lakers intend to find out.

“Yes, I can confirm that (Nori and Adelman) those are two of the Lakers’ candidates during this coaching search. I think both guys are quality candidates. I think if they are going the assistant coaching route, those would probably be my top two choices, and it sounds like the Lakers or at least some people with the Lakers feel the same way.”

Jovan Buha on Buha’s Block – Lakers showing interest in Micah Nori (9:15 minute-mark)

According to The Athletic’s Jovan Buha, the Lakers are eyeing Nori and former Wolves assistant David Adelman for their current head coaching vacancy. The belief is that Nori and Adelman are the Lakers’ top two choices.

It’s no surprise to hear about the Lakers trying to poach Chris Finch’s top assistant. Nori has proven himself not only capable of leading a team in a pinch, but the players love him, too. He’s like a copycat of Coach Finch, playing both sides as a players coach and a hard-nosed disciplinarian, but the players really respond to his style and bubbly personality.

Coaching in Minnesota, Nori is a bit of a hidden gem, but Finchy’s unfortunate leg injury has allowed the spotlight to shine on a coach who deserves every bit of love he receives. It won’t be long until Nori’s leading an NBA team.

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