Kirk Cousins Turns to MN Legend in One Overtime; Vikings Stun Saints and Move On

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The Vikings don’t stand a chance, they said.

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It wasn’t pretty but the 1st half of this much-anticipated wildcard game proved one thing to everyone watching football this weekend… this game wasn’t going to be a blowout. Drew Brees wasn’t going to come out and throw all over this defense, like he has done so many times before. This game wasn’t going to be like that.

Unfortunately, Kirk Cousins and the Vikings offense wasn’t moving the ball much better. The game never lacked excitement, however. Even when the offenses weren’t moving with great efficiency, there were still big plays and turnovers to be had on both sides.

It was stress… but it was also a 13-10 lead at halftime for the purple and gold. Anybody would have taken that, going into the game. (I hate that saying too.) But, we were in the driver’s seat.

The 2nd half was different than the first. The game was still back and forth but the Viking found their footing on offense for a bit and the Saints found Taysom Hill. Just as everyone was talking about Kirk Cousins’ inability to take over the game, he started to show flashes of the Denim Kirk in the flesh. But, Taysom Hill is a real asshole… Who would have thought the Saints’ downfall would come when they replaced a humming Taysom Hill for Drew Brees?

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Unfortunately, Kirk couldn’t lead us on the game-winning drive in regular time (this is called foreshadowing) though, and the Saints would kick a field goal at the end of regulation to send the game into overtime. Then… we caught a little bit of luck (that’s right) and we won the coin toss. 

That meant one thing. The same OT rule that fucked the Vikings in one direction so many years ago.. had the chance to do it again, in the other direction. The Vikings would need a TD for the win but would give the ball back to the Saints if all they could muster was a field goal. 

It was Kirk Cousins’ time to show everyone that he CAN be THAT guy. It was his moment, Herb Brooks style. Kirk decided he was done hearing all of the bullshit about his inability to win in big games and perform in big moments. It was his time.

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And that was that. Kirk Cousins can win big games now. He can perform in the biggest of moments, now. Believe it because you saw it. And now, guess what we have next weekend in California?

A big game.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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