Kirk Cousins & Stefon Diggs Find Love Again (3x) By Running Up Score on Eagles

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Minnesota was hit by the cold this week and we were reminded of the winter we have in store over the next 6 months…. but nobody inside of U.S. Bank Stadium for Sunday’s Vikings’ game vs the Eagles was worried about that. Kirk Cousins brought all of the heat that was needed on this cold October Sunday.

The quarterback that everyone had written off (including me) brought the best version of himself today, and in a game where Fletcher Cox was holding down Dalvin Cook throughout much of the first half and the defense didn’t bring the tenacity for all four quarters, the Vikings needed him.

I know the Philly secondary is absolutely terrible but I haven’t seen Kirk Cousins this confident since last year’s back-to-back games vs Green Bay and the LA Rams. Today, Kirk racked up over 300 yards and 4 TD’s but even before all of that accumulated, the confidence was there. This pass to Adam Thielen in the first quarter still sticks out to me.

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From there, “You Like That” Kirk Cousins took over and decided there was no way that Stefon Diggs was going to be yelling at him or skipping practice after this game. The first touchdown he threw was to Thielen but from there, he and Stefon Diggs were the two best friends that anyone could have.

Nobody knows exactly how Diggs felt about Cousins during that week that he was throwing temper tantrums, but any negative feelings that existed back then or up until this point, should be out the window now. Diggs was open all game… and Kirk Cousins found him all game. Football is fun when your team is winning and playing well, huh?

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While Kirk Cousins was tossing dimes all over the Philadelphia secondary, the defensive side of the ball feasted early, struggled in the middle, and then ate Carson Wentz and his feelings to finish. If you are having any type of success vs Mike Zimmer, you need to be ready for the adjustment. It’s coming every time. He’s the best in the business when it comes to that. But, it looked like Carson turned into a fat cat and thought he was going to pick Zim’s defense apart for the entire second half.

There was a specific moment when he realized that wasn’t the case… and he was never the same, afterward. It was the 3rd quarter and the game was still well within reach for the Eagles. In trying to figure out the defense the Vikings were playing, Wentz was forced into a delay of game. Then, this happened right after….

…he should have taken another delay.

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If you would’ve told me that Dalvin Cook was going to be held under 50 yards and that the Vikings’s defense would be spotty at times during this game, I would’ve been reluctant to tell you we’d win…. let alone, win easily. But, that’s why you play the game. Say what you want about how much money Kirk Cousins has made, vs what he’s earned, up until this point; but there’s no denying that the $84 Million Man earned his paycheck today.

4-2 feels good.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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