Kirk Cousins Named Most Overrated QB in NFL by Jury of His Peers

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Late last night, the ever-growing media powerhouse “The Athletic” dropped a very Bleacher Report-type of article and I clicked on it immediately. They win.

If you don’t subscribe to The Athletic, well then it’s a good thing you have sites like to bring you the important news around town, when you really need it (for free).

In this piece, The Athletic surveyed about 100 NFL players on a bunch of different subjects that all related to NFL quarterbacks.

The subjects included:

  • Who would you LEAST like to face in a big game and vice versa?
  • Who is the most impressive ROOKIE quarterback?
  • Who is the most impressive quarterback UNDER 25?
  • Who is the most UNDERRATED quarterback in the NFL?

They had a bunch more too but I’ll leave your pocketbook to finding what those are.

I want to focus on one question that’s not listed above. Just like they had a category for the most underrated QB. They also had one for the most OVERRATED QB.

And we are very close to the winner (or loser I guess?) of that category….

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That’s right. Kirk Cousins was voted the most overrated QB in the league by his own colleagues around the NFL. That’s got to hurt a little bit. It’s eye popping but not surprising.

We’ve talked about it before. So far throughout his career, Kirk Cousins has been the ultimate stat sheet-stuffer. Lots of yards and lots of touchdowns but a VERY minimal amount of playoff games and big victories. 

So, when the Vikings make him a top-5 paid QB in the entire NFL and he doesn’t make the playoffs the next season, other players around the league are going to start to take notice. And they clearly have.  

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Here is what The Athletic wrote about the vote on Kirk:

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Top answer: Kirk Cousins 13%

Runner up: Eli Manning 10%

Also receiving multiple votes: Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford, Tom Brady, Derek Carr, Andy Dalton, Dak Prescott, Jameis Winston, Sam Bradford

Note: There were 14 “no comments” to this question.

Our view: There was little consensus here, though our big takeaway is that if it were up to defensive players around the league, Kirk Cousins would not have been given a fully guaranteed contract.

Total number of votes, not including “no comments”: 63

Notable quote: “Most quarterbacks are overrated. People think they’re great if they win even if there are a lot of other factors.”

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Time for Kirk to put on his nerd glasses and try to analyze a way out of this name tag. 

Showing up under the lights might be a good place to start.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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