Kirk Cousins Mum on Everson Griffen’s Apology But Vocal About Chris Tomasson’s Fashion Choices

There’s a lot happening in Kirk Cousins’ reality right now. The Minnesota Vikings quarterback is staring into the biggest season of his career and holds the job status of his head coach and half the roster hostage with his play.

Can Kirk rack up more wins and push his team into the playoffs? If so, he, Zimmer and most of his teammates will get raises for 2022. If not, the 2021 Vikings will be flipped like an overcooked pancake, straight into the off-season trash. Rebuild mode.

Off-the-field drama

Beyond the football field, however, the recent noise surrounding Kirk Cousins has been deafening. He’s been dubbed the face of the NFL’s anti-vaccine mandate movement and that’s made him the media’s punching bag. But just as the “vax or die” crowd was fading into the background, Kirk was dragged into more controversy.

It came yesterday when the Vikings signed former DE Everson Griffen after he worked out for the team last week.

Bringing in a declining DE who grew up in your defensive scheme wouldn’t be a big deal, except that Griffen tweeted, “Kirk Cousins is ass”, last season while with the Detroit Lions. Cousins didn’t flinch when asked about the signing earlier today. Just like everything else that’s been thrown his way, Kirk shrugged it off as nothing.

And to deflect the attention somewhere else, during Wednesday’s press conference, Kirk Cousins turned the end of his availability into a frank conversation about Pioneer Press reporter, Chris Tomasson’s clothing choices.

The conversation was priceless. This is Kirk at his best.

I don’t know what we will get from Kirk Cousins in 2021 but he seems like a different dude than who we’ve seen over the past four seasons.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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