Kirk Cousins May Need Everything Stacked Up Around Him… but Who Doesn’t?

Quarterback Kirk Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings stands on the sideline with teammates during the singing of the National Anthem on August 11, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. PHOTO: Dustin Bradford | Getty Images

Through the ups and downs of the 2018-19 Minnesota Vikings’ season, there was a lot of talk about what was needed around Kirk Cousins in order for him to be successful.

“Everything” was the common thread.

Does Kirk need a good rushing game and offensive line to be successful? Yes.

But, is Kirk the only one? We asked this about another common criticism of him last week and it was telling. We know most Super Bowl winners have really good QB’s. But, what did their run games and O-lines look like?  I took a look back at the recent Super Bowl winners and where their rushing/o-lines ranked across the NFL. Now remember, defense is what won SB 50 for the Denver Broncos and SB 48 for the Seattle Seahawks.


As I said, there will always be exceptions to any rule; but for the most part, the QB’s that win Super Bowls are the ones who are surrounded by talent, especially in the run game and offensive line. Now, there are obviously things Kirk Cousins can improve on but it all starts with improving the 29th ranked OL and the 30th ranked rushing attack. Start there, and I think we see that step forward we’ve all been waiting for with Kirk Cousins.


Brian Heintz | Minnesota Sports Fan

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