Kirk Cousins Ain’t Your Basic QB Anymore


Prior to this season, Kirk Cousins was well known as the most basic player in the NFL. If football players were food, he was white bread. And that reflected in his game. He struggled to win in big spots or to work off schedule, when called upon.

But those days are over. 14 games into the 2022 NFL season, Cousins has flipped the narrative. His Minnesota Vikings are 11-3 and 10-0 in one score games. He’s led them back from 17 points down in Buffalo and, in the second half on Saturday, led his Vikings to the largest comeback in NFL history. 33 points.

Kirk Cousins on fire

And Kirk Cousins was on fire in those last two quarters, tossing for 417 yards (460 total) and all four of his touchdowns. It’s the first time since 1991 that an NFL QB has thrown for over 400 yards after halftime. We shouldn’t be that surprised, though. He’s been doing this all season.

So it’s finally time. Time for everyone who still doubts Kirk Cousins to give it up. Sure, he hasn’t done it in the playoffs yet but just give this man time. The postseason isn’t here yet.

What we can be sure of is, no matter the moment, it won’t be too big for the Minnesota Vikings QB1 or any of his teammates. This is a squad that has itself convinced no deficit is too large as long as Kirk is still throwing the football.

And he’s always the guy throwing the football because, despite the belligerent shots he takes game in and game out, Kirk Cousins always gets up. Yet another reason why he ain’t your basic NFL QB.

Not so basic Kirk

If you think Kirko doesn’t know about the “basic” narrative that has followed him throughout his career, just listen/watch his interview after the game with Tom Pelissero (NFL Network).

Cousins’ initial reaction when told the Vikings just completed the largest comeback in NFL history is worth watching this clip, alone. At the 48-second mark it gets even better when he says, “That doesn’t just happen. Basic people don’t do that, what we just did.”

After the game, Kirk rocked an elite Minnesota Vikings blazer that, again, basic people don’t wear.

So the next time you try to stereotype the clutchest quarterback in the NFL this season, look back at this blog. Bookmark the tweet of his Vikings blazer. Because at this point, you should know better.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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