KFAN’s ‘Meatsauce’ Throws Out Worst First Pitch in Baseball History

Photo: @Meatsauce1

Throwing out a first pitch is dangerous business. Not only should the honorary guest pitcher take the ceremony seriously, but they should deeply consider whether or not to participate in the first place. The benefit is the spotlight, which is great, but fleeting.

And if you screw it up, that moment can last forever in the minds of America. Just ask Connor McGregor, 50 Cent, John Wall or a host of others who have been etched into the most embarrassing category of baseball history.

First Pitch Sauce

But none of those legendary first pitches can hold a candle to what KFAN Radio’s, Paul “Meatsauce” Lambert (Power Trip Morning Show), did on Wednesday before a St. Paul Saints game. Lambert doesn’t tout himself as an athlete on the radio or on Twitter. But he found out first hand on Wednesday just how stupid and uncoordinated a bad first pitch can make anyone look.

As you can see, Meatsauce and the other two main attraction morning show personalities, Chris Hawkey and Cory Cove, threw first pitches out simultaneously. Did having his two cohorts next to him take any eyes off of Lambert’s awful toss?

Probably not. How can you take eyes off of the worst first pitch in the history of baseball?

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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