Kevin Garnett is Dropping a Tell-All Book…

Flip Saunders talked shop with Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor, General Manager Kevin McHale and a 19-year-old Kevin Garnett in 1995. (Star Tribune File Photo)

The time has come, Minnesota Timberwolves fans and we’ve waited a long time for this. If Kevin Garnett is as real as he claims to be, we’ll have answers to the biggest questions surrounding The Big Ticket and his first departure, eventual return and bitter final farewell from Minnesota.

KG took to his social media channels today, to announce the upcoming “encyclopedia of his life” called, ‘KG A to Z‘.

Apparently, the book drops in just 4 short months (Feb 16, 2021) which makes this announcement even better.

The Broken Promise?

The biggest question we all need answers to, is exactly what Glen Taylor promised KG when the two agreed to a trade that brought Garnett back to Minneapolis in February of 2015, to mentor a young Karl-Anthony Towns, among others.

Leading up to and after Flip Saunders’ death, Kevin clearly thought he was promised something in Minnesota that he never ended up receiving. Most believe it was an ownership stake and front office position within the Wolves organization. But, we’ve never been told exactly what was agreed to or how the “agreement” came to be.

We not only need to know what Glen Taylor supposedly promised KG, but how the breakup occurred after Flip tragically passed away. We’ve covered it all here over the last few years. Garnett’s been up front about his dismay for Glen Taylor but the final straw was supposedly pulled when Taylor backed out of this handshake agreement.

Empty Target Center Rafters

This is why we’ve been lead to believe Kevin Garnett’s #5 jersey hangs in the rafters of the Boston Garden and his #21 still sits in storage at Target Center.

Kevin Garnett isn’t the only person to question a lifetime of business dealings with Minnesota Timberwolves owner, Glen Taylor. In fact, Taylor’s former GM and coach, Kevin McHale, recently sued Taylor for the way he does business outside of basketball.

But the last time we heard from Kevin Garnett, he was praising Glen Taylor because the Minnesota Timberwolves came back up for sale earlier this year and KG wanted in. Would a tell-all book, where KG tells us exactly why Taylor is a “snake”, end his bid at owning part of the Wolves? From everything we’ve heard, Garnett isn’t a part of any groups currently making a run at the franchise anyway.

Stephon Marbury Questions

The Glen Taylor relationship question may be the elephant in the room but it certainly isn’t the only one we have for Garnett. Personally, I want to hear about his side of the Stephon Marbury departure. Steph has gone on record multiple times, talking about his side of the story… but I want to hear it in detail from Kevin.

For those who don’t remember how potent Garnett and Marbury were together… let me refresh your memory. They were going to be better than Stockton and Malone and that’s not an exaggeration. Steph was a phenom and Kevin was even better. I was in elementary school when both came on the scene and my favorite number is still #3.

Charles Barkley even told both of them to stick together and championships were on the horizon… I still get sad thinking about it.

Hopefully we get answers

I can’t imagine he holds out on us in this book. I just can’t see Kevin Garnett doing this if he was going to half-ass it.

I’m not saying Garnett’s version of the events will be the final truth, because we know how jaded the man can be… but we’ve never heard his side of the story on a lot of subjects. That’s all we’ve been asking for. Hopefully we get the answers we’re looking for.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan