Kendrick Perkins is Really Out Here Trashing KAT While Giving HJ’s to Andrew Wiggins…. in Public

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The NBA has a new studio personality and he should stop being…. himself. He should change into something that isn’t the absolute worst. Or he should think about watching an NBA basketball game that takes place outside of NY, BOS, or Cali….

That wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Kendrick Perkins played in the NBA for 14 seasons and won a title with Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics back in 07-08. He thinks Karl-Anthony Towns is a little bitch who is highly overrated and he believes Andrew Wiggins is a superstar in hiding who is highly undervalued…

I’m serious… keep reading/scrolling. I brought proof. I know, I know, don’t laugh….


Perkins has been talking shit about KAT for awhile now and that has only picked up since the blockbuster deals that completely transformed the Wolves and sent Wiggins to Golden State.

He didn’t slow down tonight, while the Timberwolves were losing in Toronto. The Raptors haven’t lost now, since January 12.

If you take Kendrick Perkins by his tweets, which is the only real way to judge anyone in 2020… then he’s kind of an idiot. At least, when it comes to analyzing NBA basketball… but he’s made some of the same uneducated claims with the TV cameras rolling too.

Kendrick Perkins on KAT:

Perkins is hard on Karl-Anthony Towns and I have no problem with that. I actually chuckled a little bit when I first heard some of these comments. You can read me write some of the same things about our young superstar.

He gets downright nasty with some of these. KAT clearly rubs some people around the league the wrong way while nobody has any negative feelings for a beige wall, since that’s what Andrew Wiggins is.

Here is what Kendrick Perkins thinks of Karl:

Kendrick Perkins on Andrew Wiggins

Here is where Kendrick Perkins goes from a hard-ass guy who really dislikes the Minnesota Timberwolves and their star Karl-Anthony Towns… to a guy who clearly has no fucking idea what he is talking about.

Either that or he has never watched a Minnesota Timberwolves game in his life. This option is definitely a real possibility. Say what you want about the softness of KAT or whether he brings his best night-in and night-out.

But whatever criticisms you hold against Karl on the court, especially when it comes to consistent energy and effort, they are trampled by what Wiggins has shown throughout his career.

Andrew Wiggins, or the ghost of what he should be, is the biggest waste of talent in NBA history. By the time it is all said and done, KAT will be able to take Andrew Wiggins’ career, and use it to wipe his dog’s ass.

Get ready to close your eyes… some of these Perkins takes on Andrew Wiggins are as cringeworthy as watching Michael Scott give wedding toasts on repeat

To recap, Kendrick Perkins had a very successful playing career in the NBA. He is also a shining example of why some players are way better on the court, than they are at analyzing the game from afar.

Or, he could just try. Before he starts shitting on KAT while giving blumpkins to Andrew Wiggins, he might want to watch 5 minutes of a Timberwolves game, before Wiggins was gone.

If he really wants to have nightmares, he can watch any game from last season, when most of Minnesota finally gave up on Wig. He wants to look so hard at box scores, but doesn’t want to recognize Andrew Wiggins’ inability to get past the number 3, anywhere outside of the “PTS” category.

But, Kendrick clearly watches his fair share of Golden State Warriors games, so he will soon find out how idiotic his tweets and statements really are.

When STANDrew Wiggins puts up one of those — 4/17 FG | 13 PTS | 3 REB | 1 AST — games in a couple of weeks or when he starts costing the Warriors wins next season, when their games start mattering again, Perkins might realize how stupid he really was back in early February, 2020.

Until then, I’ll be here to see it for him.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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