KAT Involved in Car Accident in Route to Airport Thursday; Questionable Tonight vs Knicks

Karl Anthony Towns
PHOTO: nba.com
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Holy shit… talk about a hold-your-breath moment when I opened up Twitter a few minutes ago…

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So, it doesn’t look like this accident caused any serious damage… Most of us have been rear-ended or in other minor traffic incidents where our neck or back might be off and sore for a few days. Hopefully that’s all this is because it looks like KAT made it to New York on a commercial flight. That means he had to have felt good enough to fly with the little people after the accident.

At the same time, lingering issues from car accidents are a thing too…

Let’s hope it’s minor. In the short term, the Wolves might lose to the Knicks (worst team in basketball) without the Big Meow. Losses are wins right now for our favorite professional basketball team so that’s a positive we might be able to take from this, as long as KAT comes back happy and healthy soon.

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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