Karl-Anthony Towns Says He Can Drive a Golf Ball 400+ Yards

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We know Karl Anthony as a superstar basketball player and that won’t be changing anytime soon but KAT sat down with media yesterday and was asked about his golf game. See, Bryson DeChambeau was talking about future golfers and how height can naturally lead to more powerful golfers. So naturally, 7-foot KAT was asked about how far he could hit the little white ball off the tee box and he affirmed Bryson’s theory, saying he “has gassed it 400+” yards off the tee.

How far is 400 yards?

For those who aren’t paying attention to golf in 2021, a 400 yard drive is still a bomb. The average distance off the tee on the PGA Tour this season is 295.7 yards. Bryson leads the field, averaging 321 yards per drive. PGA Tour golfers drive for 400 yards on occasion but it’s rare. So far in 2021, it’s happened just 12 times, the longest coming via Cameron Champ and going for 424 yards. Dechambeau’s longest for this season is 414 yards.

That doesn’t mean KAT’s lying or misremembering what he’s done. It just means Bryson’s probably right and the science seems to make sense. Taller people can create more whip behind their swing and get the head of their driver traveling at a higher velocity before impact than someone of a shorter stature.

Meatsauce (KFAN) claims he and Mark Parrish have golfed with Karl-Anthony Towns and seen him reach par 4 greens off the tee box.

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