Matt Kalil Blames Minnesota for Being Terrible; MN Reacts

A story came out that Matt Kalil was crying again.

I saw it earlier and thought to myself: ‘Self, Matt Kalil can go F*** himself. That California spoiled brat can take his fractured little heart and feelings, to his Carolina Safe-Space where he can suck his thumb next to his big brother who can protect him from all we MEAN Minnesotans.’

Apparently Minnesotans are the NASTIEST of ALL fans. And the MN coaches, including Tony Sparrano, aren’t any better; failing to demand enough excellence from Matt. He must have just felt so lost in Minnesota where nobody has ever lived and actually been happy, and the coaches wouldn’t push him to be the GREAT player he was drafted to be.  Too bad for the Southern California boy who had to come up to this cold, cold tundra where the people are colder than the blistering, ice burnt, frost bitten climate.

BUT, BUT, but… but, I took a deep breath and went back to work because I still have a day-job and a quota to hit. And I get a little irritated when I have had too much coffee.

So, this afternoon, I was scrolling Twitter while making dinner. I decided I would see what the reaction out there was, after reading RandBall’s Blog on the subject.

I typed “Matt Kalil” into the Twitter search bar and found WAY better than articles and professional reads. Looks like I’m not the only person who doesn’t have too much sympathy for Matt:

The first ones I saw were the GIFs…

These had me ROLLING too:

Here are some stories and blogs on the subject:

I LOVE Minnesota.

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