Justin Jefferson Facing Legal Battle with Alleged Baby Mama; Accusations Heavy from Both Sides

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Justin Jefferson is in the middle of the biggest contract negotiations in his life, looking to be the highest paid non-quarterback in the entire NFL, a deal that could be announced literally at any moment and is certainly still expected sometime before the team meets at TCO Performance Center in Eagan for Training Camp late this summer.

But, in the meantime, it appears Justin Jefferson has found himself in quite the situation. On Wednesday, the Daily Mail broke an exclusive story reporting that Jefferson is facing a paternity lawsuit from former girlfriend, Andrea Galea.

Justin Jefferson facing lawsuit and suing possible baby mama

The lawsuit claims that the two hooked up back in April. The two were “romantically involved” back in 2019 while they were both attending LSU. Galea says Jefferson is the father of her 2-month old daughter (born in December) and that he has refused to acknowledge the child physically, financially or otherwise. Oh by the way, she’s an attorney.

Jefferson and his ex-girlfriend, Andrea Galea, filed counter claims against each other last month in Essex County (New Jersey) Family Court. Those filings have since been obtained by DailyMail.com. 

In addition to a paternity test, Galea has pushed for financial support and healthcare coverage from Jefferson, while accusing the former first-round draft pick of pressuring her to abort the child during her pregnancy. 

Daily Mail

That’s not all, though. JJ filed a countersuit against Galea at the same time she filed hers. JJ’s alleges she is using Justin and her baby to essentially boost her online profile, claiming she “has a substantial presence and following on various social medias.

In his own January 26 complaint, Jefferson also pushed for a paternity test while demanding an injunction against Galea to prevent her from sharing information about the child.

‘Defendant [Galea] has a substantial presence and following on various social media platforms and apparently has strategically positioned herself over the last several years to become an ”online influencer,”’ Jefferson’s complaint states. 

Jefferson’s filing accuses Galea of ‘using the Child’s birth, and her assertions of the Plaintiff’s alleged fathering of the child, as apparent promotion on her various online platforms to self­ promote her online presence and following.’

Daily Mail

What’s the story between JJ and Andrea Galea?

After some research, I’ve found only one social media account she is active on. It’s Instagram and, as of 1 PM CT on Wednesday she has only 3,500 followers, which I don’t think would be considered “substantial”, but we’ll let the civil legal process decide that.

That doesn’t mean she didn’t have a bigger account at one time or that she doesn’t have another social media account that is yet to reveal itself. What seems clear reading the Daily Mail report is that Jefferson and Galea were definitely dating or hooking up in college. They did reunite and hook up again in April, when she claims he fathered her daughter.

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Both JJ and Galea are requesting paternity tests so we should know soon enough if the baby is his or not. But that’s not where the allegations stop. Within court filings, it becomes clear that Jefferson is not-so-subtly accusing Galea of delaying or not taking a morning after pill, following their engagement, something she claims she did take but it didn’t work.

‘So are you okay with getting this [situated],’ Jefferson wrote Galea in one text message included in his filing.

‘The more u wait the harder the situation will be that’s why I wanted to get you the planB [because] I didn’t want to be in this situation but it’s totally my fault I shouldn’t have done it in the first place,’ he wrote in one text message.

Galea then responds: ‘Justin I took the plan b though it was just too late for it to be effective. Sometimes depending on the cycle unless you take it within like 2 hours it can be too late… and two people are always at fault in this. Personally I’ve never faced a situation like this…’

Daily Mail

There’s no doubt Justin Jefferson does or will regret some of the text messages he sent, which are now public. In more of the messages provided by the Daily Mail (in the tweet below), Jefferson tells Galea to leave him alone and that she is “being veryyy annoying”.

“Bro leave me the hell alone. You are being veryyy annoying. I don’t care about anything you have going on. When the baby is born that’s when I will do my part. Otherwise leave me tf alone. You wanted to have this kid so you have it and i will handle my part. I don’t have to do anything for you so stop texting me unless it’s about the baby being born.”

“And tell yo mom to stop texting my phone”

Alleged message from Jefferson to Gallea (Court Filings – Via the Daily Mail)
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