Jose Ramirez KO’s Tim Anderson in Bench Clearing Brawl at 2nd Base

AP Photo: Sue Ogrocki

Bench clearing brawls happen in baseball regularly. Sure it isn’t hockey, but it happens. What was weird about the fight that broke out between the Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Guardians on Saturday was how it started, where it happened and the mind-jarring conclusion.

Jose Ramirez KO’s Tim Anderson

The mind being jarred was Tim Anderson, shortstop for the White Sox, who was absolutely knocked out by Guardians’ 3rd baseman, Jose Ramirez. It all started with what looked like an innocent tag attempt at 2nd base. Clearly, Ramirez didn’t see it that way.

You thought Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz was the only heavyweight bout worth paying for tonight but you were wrong. This has to be one of the best and most historic bench clearing brawls in MLB history. Not only did the fight take place at 2nd base, which never really happens, but it ended in a clear knock-out.

Seeing an ump get dirt kicked on him is normal and bullpen pitchers sprinting in from centerfield makes great meme-worthy content. But rarely, and I mean rarely, do we get to see a haymaker that puts a dude on his ass. But on Saturday night, if you were watching Guardians vs White Sox, you got to see exactly that.

Sports are the best.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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