Photos of Jordan Hicks’ “Compartment Syndrome” Injury Have Surfaced and… Holy Moly

Jordan Hicks, Minnesota Vikings
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Immediately following a week 10 home game last season vs the New Orleans Saints, then Minnesota Vikings (now Cleveland Browns) linebacker Jordan Hicks was rushed to a nearby hospital after he took two shots to the same spot on his leg, which caused bruising so extreme that he developed “compartment syndrome”.

Scrollers Beware: Remember what happened to Jordan Hicks during Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints?

You might want to stop scrolling now, if you have an easily upset stomach. It was described as a horrifying injury, something that could have caused him to lose his leg, had he and the Vikings medical staff not gotten him help as quickly as they did. Here’s the story, as it was told to former NFL linebacker Justin Pugh.

“Jordan had this compartment syndrome in his leg, where he got hit twice in a row on his leg, it was like an insane bruise, the pressure couldn’t escape. He almost lost his leg last year. He sliced that thing open, let the pressure drain out of his leg, literally cut his leg wide open and just let it sit there in the hospital for a few weeks, sewed it back up, and was back on the field. That’s the kind of dog the Cleveland Browns are getting next year.”

Justin Pugh – Net Worth Show

Just to correct the record, I do not believe Jordan Hicks cut his own leg open, thus saving it from amputation, like Pugh seemed to suggest in that clip. But someone else certainly did. Hopefully it was a doctor, because the image you are about to see if you continue reading any further is… something else.

You can’t unsee Jordan Hicks’ compartment syndrome photos

If you get queasy easily, I’d recommend just trusting my judgement so you can go on and enjoy your Friday night because this is not pleasant. We’ve all had bruises on our shins, from one thing or another, but you’ve never had a shin bruise so bad that you had to cut your leg open and leave it for weeks, before having it stapled back up.

If you are still here… don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Jordan Hicks compartment syndrome
Credit: Photo via @_MLFootball
Jordan Hicks, Compartment Syndrome
Credit: Photo via @_MLFootball

It is honestly a miracle that Hicks realized something was very very wrong and that the Minnesota Vikings medical staff got him to a hospital fast enough to make sure this didn’t get any worse than it already looks above.

Miraculously, Jordan Hicks was back on the field for the MN Vikings before the season was over. Remember, the above injury happened in week 10. That’s insane. Pugh is right. He may not be a Viking anymore, but he is certainly a warrior, no matter what team he plays for.

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