JJ Watt’s Presser “Rant” Deserves a Nobel Prize or Maybe Something Better

My only goal for this blog, is to get to the 300-word minimum without ruining the perfect postgame press conference speech (or “rant”) from Houston Texans (4-11) DE, JJ Watt. This blog is about creating awareness for JJ Watt’s wisdom. It came after Sunday’s loss to the Cincinnati Bengals and it was absolutely glorious.

Why should NFL players care about football during a pandemic, especially when they are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs? Warning to sports fans everywhere, JJ could bring you to tears so plan accordingly.

We’re going to ignore the fact that JJ Watt is a Wisconsin Badger alum. Sometimes, in the most desperate of times, we find comrades in very strange places. 2020 is considered “the most desperate of times”, by 21st century standards… so here we are, giving BJ’s to JJ, a skunk.

But how can you listen to this speech, as a lifelong sports fan, and not be brought to your knees? I’ve just never witnessed anyone so poetically enforce why professional athletes should always be giving 100% to perfecting their craft or performing on game day.

At this very moment, I just don’t know if there’s anyone on this earth I respect more than JJ Watt, after watching this “rant” about 4 times in-a-row. I want it injected directly into my veins. We need to create an award or something for him. Kids get trophies for breathing in 2020. There has to be something we can give JJ Watt.

Most probably don’t share Watt’s passion for fans…

I mean, JJ’s stance probably isn’t shared across the professional athlete spectrum but that’s fine. Every human is different and there are people in every walk of life, getting paid at all different level, who give a variety of efforts to their job or life in general.

And life isn’t fair, either. One person can try harder than someone else at a given task and not get nearly the results of the person who gave less effort. That’s life. But if more people thought like JJ, our society would probably be off “string theory” (and fighting over paper voter ballots) and onto Planet Nebular (or whatever — you get it).

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan