Jimmy Butler Out Tonight as He Takes “Next Step” in Effort to Leave Town

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Well it was just another day in what has become “normal” for Timberwolves fans, as we prepared for another Timberwolves game that we planned to watch with a familiar emptiness in our hearts. That’s how we’ve learned to watch Wolves games since the start of the season 7 games ago. We’ve had some good moments and plenty of bad ones too.

On one hand, we always have a built-in excuse when the team flounders. “Well, how is any team supposed to win with all of this divisiveness and controversy in the locker room?”

But when the team wins, it’s almost even more awkward… Your heart tells you to cheer when Jimmy Butler gets in a passing lane, beats his man off the dribble, or ices a game with a cold-blooded 3 like he did the other night.

However, your head quickly reminds you that Jimmy is going to be gone soon and you shouldn’t fall for him. It’s like that summer camp chick that you know you should stay away from, but can’t help yourself. You have a steady, beautiful girlfriend in Karl-Anthony Towns back in your hometown…. but Jimmy is a smoke and she’s got something your girl at home just doesn’t.

But then, Jimmy reminds you of how much of a bitch she/he really is. And it’s the BIGGEST of bitches:

I guess nobody should really be surprised. But, for some reason I was. It has to be how badly I want the Wolves to be good. That’s the only reason why I might think Jimmy wouldn’t do something like this.

He’s proving himself as the most selfish person in all of basketball.

Since the season started, the offers for Butler have reportedly gotten better. With the way Butler played on Monday night, his stock looked like it was rising even higher. But here comes Jimmy Butler to ruin the fucking day.

Why can’t you just sit your ass on the sideline like every other NBA star that’s asked for a trade over the course of forever? Because you’re a drama queen and you just love the dysfunction. Like a weird fucking serial killer.

Everything that comes out of Jimmy’s mouth is bullshit. “Practice what you preach” is not a saying that sit’s on Butler’s wall next to “Live, Laugh, Love”.

That’s for sure.

To add to the suspense as we go through the week, this episode of “Tweeting Butler’s Madness” ended with this last bit from Jonny Athletic:


Jimmy Butler is telling Rachel Nichols that he is NOT sitting out tonight’s game in protest and that he actually is sitting out due to soreness. Well, then you aren’t quite such an asshole. I guess you’re just a pussy.

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