It’s Time for the Timberwolves to Enter Tank-Mode to Save the Franchise

Do the Minnesota Timberwolves have you down?

Are you tired of hearing about Jimmy Butler?

Do you wish KAT would stop being a baby-back bitch?

Do you wish Tom Thibodeau would get his lips off of Jimmy Butler’s…

Well, it’s time to flip the narrative. The season has gotten to the tipping point of bullshit. The Wolves are now 4-7 meaning it’s officially time to sell out for hope. The hope for the future. It’s time to turn away from the negative and toward the positive. It’s time to start cheering for more losses.

It’s time for Tank Mode.

We need to start planning for the future and the best future is the one that holds the most L’s during the present. Because the most L’s will lead to the highest draft pick. The NBA Draft 2019 is a blockbuster. Duke is going to be so good this year that they may have the 3 top picks on their 2018-19 team. All three of those guys would be better than any return we will get back for Jimmy Butler.


Obviously, you still want to make the Jimmy trade, if possible, but we aren’t going to be able to pin our future on who we get back. Josh Richardson is going to be a really good player and will be a solid 3-4 option on a good team. That’s what he is. That’s what Wiggins is. KAT will be better than that, but needs to get his shit together. Even Josh Okogie looks like a really good player who will contribute immensely on a good team.

However, we’re missing a guard/wing who can carry the team when Butler is gone. Without a game-changer like that, the Timberwolves ceiling sits at a fringe playoff team for the foreseeable future (next 4-6 years).

Nobody wants to go into full-tank mode but when you are one or two top-players away from a future we can get excited about, you need to make the sacrifices necessary to get to the promise land. Remember, because Wiggins and Towns are now under max deals, we cannot afford to use free agency to build into a championship contender. We can’t afford another max player. We need to do it the hard way. The patient way. The Minnesota way.


Allowing this team to be mediocre for the rest of 2018-19 will be the death of the franchise. Towns and Wiggins have proven they cannot carry us through the playoffs. We need to be proactive. The only future that has a shot at quenching our thirst for NBA relevance is one that travels through an EPICALLY BAD 2018-19.

Jimmy causes just as much dysfunction on the floor as he does off of it so I don’t even think we need to sit him. The situation has gotten so toxic that the team isn’t even decent at faking it anymore. As long as we lose, it doesn’t matter. The best thing Jimmy could do on his way out would be to throw games. Make sure you do the little things to help the team lose. Be more like KAT and Wiggins. I’m sure they can give you pointers.


But to ensure the losing continues, it’s time to start stripping out the veterans. Let’s start fielding calls to trade Teague, Rose, Taj, and Tolliver, on top of Jimmy. We need to start ensuring losses. Let’s start featuring Wiggins and Towns so they can start taking steps forward again. Kevin Love proved that you can still lose a lot of games while advancing young talent.

If Thibs can’t handle the tank. Then, it’s time to end his run with the Wolves. Glen, I’m talking to you (because I know you read my shit). Save your team. Lose games. Paying Thibs his exit salary will be more than worth it in the long-term. You’re a business man. Invest in the future.

The Timberwolves franchise-worst win count stands at 15 in both ’91-’92 and ’09-’10. Can we go worse? Can we keep it under 15? Let’s aim for the stars!

Support your Timberwolves! Cheer for more losses! Stand for nothing better than TERRIBLE!

Eric Strack
Minnesota Sports Fan @RealMNSportsFan

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