Is the Vikings Offensive Line Good?

The Minnesota Vikings have won three straight games heading into week 10 and could find themselves in good position for a playoff push, if they can continue that win streak on Sunday at 3:25 PM vs the Dallas Cowboys. This push is led almost completely by Dalvin Cook and the run game, with Kirk Cousins sitting in the back seat.

One thing that has been very good, but slightly under appreciated, has been the offensive line. In order to have an elite running game, you have to have a decent offensive line… right? Let’s take a look.

Vikings offensive line PFF grades:
PlayerPosOffensePass BlockRun Block
Garrett BradburyC74.6
(5th of 39)
Ezra ClevelandG56.5
(65 of 83)
Dakota DozierG55.5
(67th of 83)
Brian O’NeilT76.9
(25th of 77)
Riley ReiffT70.0
(43rd of 77)
Pro Football Focus

As a whole, the line averages out to be a 66.7 grade and rank 41st of 72. That’s pretty much average. If you seperate the running game, which is where the Vikings have been most successful, the numbers look a bit better. The average ranking of the five positions is 36 out of 72. It’s still not great but it’s exactly in the middle.

The offensive line has been the Vikings’ achilles heel for as long as I can remember. It’s certainly not 100% fixed, but three of the five positions seem to be in good hands with Bradbury, O’Neil and Cleveland all showing great progress.

There is still work to be done but Dalvin Cook has to be loving the improvement in front of him as much as anyone. This offense is going to continue to build around the run game and it’s good to see the line prove they can play that style of football.

There’s still a long ways to go and, with Kirk Cousins at QB, they’ll still need heavy improvement in blocking the pass rush, if the Minnesota Vikings are ever to reach their full potential.

Shorthanded OL vs Cowboys

The Vikings and their OL will have to continue its improvement shorthanded on Sunday vs the Dallas Cowboys. Ezra Cleveland has been ruled out. On a positive note, both CJ Ham and Garrett Bradbury will play.

Cooper Carlson | Minnesota Sports Fan