Gopher Basketball Upsets #19 Iowa at the Barn

Iowa forward Tyler Cook had his shot blocked by Gophers forward Jordan Murphy (3) and center Matz Stockman during the first half Sunday. ANDY CLAYTON-KING • ASSOCIATED PRESS
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It feels like a tundra in Minnesota this weekend but The Barn was on fire this afternoon with the Hawkeyes in town to play the Gophers.

I hope you bet the over.

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In an unbelievable turn of shooting fortune, the Gopher offense kept them in the game and even controlling the lead throughout the first half vs. #19-ranked Iowa.

I’m not sure where we found our shooting touch but it was a good thing we did because both teams were on fire and spouted off a total of 101 points in the first half alone…

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The second half started off even better for the Gophers. Iowa couldn’t handle Minnesota’s offense no matter which defensive scheme they switched too… Hard to believe, I know. And Fran threw all of his defenses at us…

I saw a man, 2-3 zone, 1-3-1 zone, and a full -court trap. None of it worked. The Gophers were up and down the floor and scoring in all varieties. Fran was red.

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Iowa couldn’t be held down forever though and they made it close in the last 4 minutes. They cut the lead to 4 and took control of the ball before the Gophers got a turnover and scored on the other end. The Hawkeyes never got closer.

It was a massive win for the Gophers, who are now 5-4 in conference play (15-5 overall) and hold big wins over ranked Wisconsin at the Kohl Center and now 19th-ranked at The Barn.

On Wednesday, the Illini come to town and the Gophers should be foaming at the mouth for a W after they were embarrassed in Illinois a few weeks ago.

Here are some highlights to tonight’s dub:

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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