With Investigation & Injury Recovery Looming, Miguel Sano Expected at Spring Training On-Time

(Photo: Jake Roth, USA TODAY Sports)

(Photo: Jake Roth, USA TODAY Sports)

As Twins Nation knows, on Tuesday, pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training. To celebrate, I’m going to zag, while the vast majority of anyone discussing the ball-club zigs. With newspapers and the internet already flooded with Chris Archer talk, let’s look at Miguel Sano.

Between our 3rd Baseman’s injury recovery and the ongoing sexual assault investigation, there are major question marks surrounding the 24 year-old. Here is an update from the ever-reliable Rhett Bollinger (MLB.com) on both of those question marks:

In regards to the injury realm, good shit. Hopefully, working out includes working off a couple extra pounds. His shin is reminiscent of a high school valedictorians shoulders. While all of that weight he/she carried around in their backpack was a unique type of swagger, it couldn’t have been good for their long-term health. To me, Sano’s body is the proverbial book bag. By simply shedding a few pounds, like it would have been for the whiz kid’s posture, it would do wonders for Miguel’s shin situation.

After being named to his first All Star team in 2017, the Dominican native’s season was cut short due to the same lower leg issue we are discussing today.

Career Stats:

Those numbers are courtesy of my friends over at www.baseball-reference.com. Well, they don’t know I exist, so I’m not sure friends is the correct term. Either way, you get my point. Don’t worry. Unlike that Lakeville Middle School principal, I’m not about that stalker life:

Anywho, as for my friends source on the Sano statistics, when you access his profile on their website, you are met with this message:

While the ugly scenario involving the previously mentioned Chris Endicott has indisputable facts (example: electronic mobile tracking) that’s not the case with the allegations against Miguel Sano. Being the sexual assault investigation against Sano is a “he said vs. she said” situation, it’s not nearly as cut and dry of a scenario.

Naturally, like the VAST, VAST majority of Minnesotans, it’s a let the truth be known mindset from me. As implied in previous Sano articles, reaching an accurate conclusion (whatever it may be) on the ongoing investigation, is much more important than anything related to the on-field play of the MN Twins 3rd baseman.

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